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Hi my name is emlee and my kitten, 7 months, just got spayed. She got spayed yesterday around two and they kept her overnight to make sure she was okay. But when we brought her home this afternoon she started tugging at her stitches. We called the vet and they said to buy a cone so we did. But even the smallest size didnt fit her neck and we couldn't have her fitted because the vets closed now. She's asleep now but im looking at her stomach and she's bleeding a little. It's not still coming out but before it was. I'm just super scared. I don't want her to hurt herself and I have school so I can't watch her 24/7.
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The cone you got is it one of those hard plastic ones? I have just cut them down to size and taped with a strong tape like duct tape or similar. You can also take a sock and stuff it with some material of any kind....will look like a long hot dog bun, curl/wrapthe tube around her neck, it will look like a donut with her head in the centre...can u picture what I'm trying to describe?? To secure the roll tie both ends together. Can also use a nylon sock to do this with....many things would work, it's just to keep her from being able to bend her neck to lick, has to be tight enough so she can't pull off but NOT so tight that she chokes....still has to be able to eat and drink with it easily. And don't be overly concerned if it's just a little blood, if it's bleeding lots she will need to go to emergency, your Vet should hv after hours call ins. If the blood was slight it's not really concerning, call yr Vet in am and talk to him about.
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Thank you so much! I'll put duct tape on the cone right now.
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Make sure u just duct tape the plastic to hold it together, do not make it too tight. Cones width can also be cut in about half to fit a small kitten better, they have to be able to reach OVER it Well enough to eat and drink
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