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CRF with anemia - end of life

I'm thinking about colostrum for anemia ?

My cat will have senior food for anemia mixed with renal food. In her case science hills science plan mature 7+ turkey with science hills k/d wet. But I think science hills is too strong for her, she is more than 19yo (found in september 1991 as baby-born in my garden).

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Is the article serious ?

Colostrum For Anemia
By Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith

Anemia is a medical condition that occurs when the blood becomes deficient in healthy red blood cells. Since red blood cells are the main means to transport oxygen to the muscles and organs, colostrum becomes a major contributor to having healthy red blood cells.

There are many types of anemia, all being very different in their causes and medical treatments. Some forms are very treatable with diet changes and nutritional supplements while others may represent lifelong health problems.

Deficiencies in vitamin B-12 and folate can lead to anemia since the body requires these vitamins to produce red blood cells. Colostrum has not only folate and B-12, but all of the B vitamin family providing the necessary building blocks to enhance the production of the carriers; red blood cells.

Autoimmune anemia occurs when the immune system inappropriately perceives the red blood cells to be foreign and attacks them. This type of anemia is frequently found in individuals with broad ranging autoimmune diseases, like systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). With the introduction of Proline Rich Polypeptides a balancing takes place within the immune response, which allows for a positive impact on the system with the introduction of true colostrum.

The most common symptoms found in association with many types of anemia are:

• Easy fatigue and loss of energy
• Rapid heartbeat, particularly with exercise
• Shortness of breath and headache, particularly with exercise
• Difficulty concentrating
• Dizziness
• Pale skin
• Leg cramps
• Insomnia

Colostrum is an amazing resource of substances necessary to facilitate the development and repair of cells and tissues, stimulate and support the immune system and assure the effective and efficient metabolism of nutrients. There are very small quantities of growth hormone in complete first milking colostrum, but growth hormone is an extremely potent hormone and, thus, not much is required. It directly affects almost every cell in the body and significantly influences the development of new cells, causing them to generate at a more rapid rate when a sufficient quantity of the hormone is present. Scientific studies have shown that one of the benefits of ingesting even small amounts of growth hormone is repair of damaged cells and limitation of the deterioration of cells associated with the aging process.

The multitude of available IGF-1 binding proteins and related proteins available in the cell is indicative of the many potential effects that the binding of IGF-1 to its specific cell-surface receptor can have on cells. To keep these many effects under control, some of the binding proteins act as checks and balances, allowing the secondary chemical switches in a cell to be turned on and then turning them off when it is appropriate. Therefore, IGF-1 is like the captain of a ship. When it binds to its specific receptor, the ship can move forward, but there are all kinds of systems in place to keep it moving at the right speed and in the right direction.

It is highly desirable to have an appropriate level of IGF-1 in the circulation through dietary supplementation to limit the ever increasing rate of cell death.

High quality first milking colostrum also contains lactoferrin, an iron-transport protein. When lactoferrin is present in the gastrointestinal tract, it captures iron from digested nutrients and facilitates its transport into the body. Having sufficient lactoferrin available is a valuable aid to those afflicted with iron deficiency anemia. In addition, high quality colostrum contains carrier proteins for the B-complex vitamins that substantially enhance their uptake into the bloodstream.

From the above, we can conclude that making sure that there are sufficient quantities of growth hormone, IGF-1, lactoferrin and the carrier proteins in the bloodstream, as would occur by dietary supplementation with a high quality first milking colostrum, like that distributed by Immune-Tree, means maintaining control over cell repair and replacement; carbohydrate and protein metabolism and absorption of iron and the B-complex vitamins. The end result is a means to help your body regenerate the cells and provide the substances that it needs to conquer anemia and overcome the associated fatigue.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Dr._Anthony_Kleinsmith
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I just bought Colostrum from Healthy Pets (Sedona Labs) at http://www.vitaminlife.com/ - total with shipment (France): 33euros (41$), hope it will come before Christmas.

Then I'll show it to vet before giving.

I can't buy her anything new right now. But as vet told, I'm giving her senior + k/d food mixed in syringe.

For CRF she is still having: Renalzin (phosphate binder) and Mercola probiotics (lowers UREA) and 1/2 Fortekor that is going to be replaced with 1/2 Nelio (Bénazépril, lowers CRF progression by dilation of the blood vessels, gives hypotension).

And I'm feeding her as much as I can, more than 2*20ml a day, I'm trying 4*20ml a day, with a 1hour pause between 2*20ml meal. And she always has a 4-10ml water after each meal.

If anything new, I'll tell you.
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Yes, I'm changing for 3 days shipment, they accepted, I'll pay extra but I looked in french and in english at the words: colostrum+anemia in Google page 10 (not page 1), and didn't see no side effects apart inner mother-son species, nothing contagious for outer species, I just hope the cow was not anemic also, because low iron milk is transmitted to its babies.
I'm happy they accepted !!!

I'm also glad I have already bought all of my christmas presents, because since I still am not looking for a job (no worries I never received no money from gov, I'm clean), because I take care of the cat, I'm passing december and january in the zero layer.

Nothing can replace the maternal love I have for my 19yo cat, in my heart there is only her, maternal love is a feeling more profound than boyfriend, school friends, true friendship and family bounds. We forget all other feelings, when one feeling as deep as this one is sick, and we only think about her well-being. What can I do to improve her life, for her to be less sick, for her to feel alright ?

God, I will move mountains for her, and for no one else.

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Hi, I'm just wondering if you've been doing intravenous(IV) fluids at home to help flush the kidneys.  If you're not, ask your vet to show you how.  This will make your cat more comfortable and will extend her quality of life.

Also, there's a great link that I think will be helpful to you.  There's some info about a drug that can help with your cat's anemia, which is caused by kidney failure.  You can also do a google search for kidney failure and anemia to learn how these conditions are linked.

I really hope that you find this link useful and I hope it helps.


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I can't, vet don't propose that. I live in France.

Although my vet is marvelous, the health system in France is based in economy even for humans. My vet clinic is one of the most moderns (yes, most of other clinics only use intuition and send blood tests through post office, but mine have health measuring machines), but they can't propose sophisticated very hard treatment neither alternative medicine. In France Alternative medicine is still more expensive than drugs (for humans), and they have ZERO alternative medicine for pets. Prices of human probiotics are abnormal. So although I buy the best from USA and UK and pay very high shipment, prices are still lower than what you can find in France even for humans, and quality is much more better. Sorry.

" intravenous(IV) fluids " and drugs (although you didn't spoke of it) are vet stuff. I can't do vet stuff at home. And I don't try tuff drugs. Renalzin for humans (lanthanum carbonate) is about 200$. So I am happy to have it for about 10-20$. And it's slowly arriving in vets at France. But you must do a lot of internet research.

colostrum is much more safer than EPO because no rejection because cells aren't differentiated yet. And in France they don't have medicine for most of pets disease.

There is also the Fortekor problem, all vet clinics are going to replace it for Nelio because it is cheaper here. I think commercials exclusive for vet steal a lot of money from vets, because they sell them things at prices over higher than what I can buy online without being a vet. There must be a lot of corruption in vet sellers system.

And it's the corruption that makes the health system in France very bad quality in what concerns choosing the option: to get better.

And the corruption is laws, laws here are against medicine progress, they must change. I don't say prescription medicine musn't be prescription. I said prices are corrupted. Only commercial thieves selling to doctors, humans or pets. And protected by law. You can't choose an alternative treatment in France.

Yes it is good to be refund when you go to doctor. But why does health system is below zero layer (like me) ? Because it's not what you spend the problem. The problem is the price they put on medicine. Here are the thieves: the medicines commercials in France. I understand why USA is afraid of having our system. What they must be afraid of is not of helping the poors, but of buying medicine from the rich marchands.

The medicines commercials have atrophiated the health system in France, so there is no progress, no new things, no dreams, no hope. And they are protected by law.

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That really is a shame that there are such low quality vets in France.  It's a shame that your vet won't show you how to do the IV fluids at home, too.  They really do that here, and from what I hear, it's easy to do.  My friend extended her cat's life by about 3 yrs by doing this treatment at home.

Can't you beg your vet to show you how to do this or call around to other vet's offices?  This is really life saving for your cat, and this is what they do in the US.  I can't stress to you enough how important this treatment is for your baby.  Beg, plead, do whatever you have to do to get this treatment for your kitty.

By the way, my mom had one of our cats on EPO to raise the red blood cell count, and it worked fine....no rejection or anything like that.


PS-I have too many strong feelings about our crap health care system.  There's positives and negatives to the health care reform.  I, for one, can't afford insurance at all.  So, anything would help me now.  Pretty sad, huh?
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