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Can a spayed female cat get her period ? Or is one of them sick?

Found blood inside my sinks in the bathrooms for a couple of days. We have a male and female cats, both fixed, brother and sister, and 1yr and 2 months old.  Can not tell which cat leaves blood stains in the sinks Please provide some guidance with this problem.
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Have you checked the bottoms of the paws of each cat?
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yes, we looked for cuts.....or anything abnormal....thsnks
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Hello~Just like with humans, any type of unknown blood should be checked. I would take her to your vet, it is better to be safe than sorry.
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thank you..
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It won't be a period. She doesn't have a uterus any more, and cats don't get periods anyway.

Are you sure it's from the cats? If you're the only person living in your home and you know *you* haven't been bleeding, look over both bats carefully for injuries. If you're not finding anything, take both kitties to the vet.

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The cats climbed on top of the sink. so we found the blood on the floor and inside the bathroom sink. Bright red blood.  We will continue checking. Yesterday I took a baby wipe and clean all area looking for blood. None found.....
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