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Can cats get allergies?

Is it possible for cats to have seasonal allergies like people do? I have a 2 year old male cat and he suffers from the occasional runny nose and watery eyes. It seems to start right about the time my allergies get bad. It lasts for a couple of days and then he is fine. I was just curious because he acts fine other than the few symptoms he has.
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hi Aril and welcome. yes cats certainly do have allergies....I will include a link on the bottom of this post.

Usually an allergic reaction for a cat manifests itself on the skin(most common) this can be anything from scabs, itchiness to hair loss. and is associated mainly with a food allergy....sensitive commonly to a preservative or ingredient in dry kibble type food. grain allergies are common in cats and most cat foods are full of unnecessary grains just b/c they are 'cheap' fillers for the manufacturer, they do absolutely nothing for the diet!!!

there are some 'grain free' diets on the market that may be a worth a trial.
EVO, Wellness and Natures Variety are a few.

cats can also suffer from environmental allergies....such as what you decide with your kitty.....before resorting to lab tests and any medications (including benadryl)  I would stress you FIRST try finding whats causing the reaction rather than trying to treat the symptoms...

environmental allergens can be anything within your household (chemicals) such as household cleaners..(.I only use vinegar) Perfumes, candles, chemicals in the furniture or carpets, the type of detergent you use to wash with, room sprays etc.
If your kitty goes outdoors he can be in contact with many insecticides and fertilizers etc as well.

If kitty's immune system is lower for a number of reasons thats when he'll show some symptoms..I will give you the name of a human amino acid that is very good for keeping their immune system healthy and works great for any respiratory symptoms..It called L-lysine and I will give you the name of the one best for use with cats. for occasional flare-ups use 500mg for a week. If you need to keep him on a continual maintenance dose use more conservatively at 250mg per day, it comes in powder form and can easily be mixed in with wet food. You should be able to buy this brand from most good Vitamin or Health Food Store. or you can order online from the source below....


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sorry also meant to add another great supplement especially for congestion...and without the side effects of a product such as benadryl.
the best one for kitties is in NOW brand, STINGING NETTLES Root Extract. 250mg capsules.....

Now brand is safe for use with cats b/c it contains NO sugar/soy/salt/corn or wheat and NO preservatives...Its a common brand and avail at most Vitamin or Health Food Outlet....

heres a link to it incase you need to order online.

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Thank you so much! I am always tempted to just run to the vet for every little thing. I love my kitties! I will give the supplements a try and see if they help. He's indoors only and I am pretty careful with what I use to clean because I have horrible allergies too. I'll have to really start watching it now though. Thanks again!
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Cats absolutely get the same allergies that we humans get.  I changed my cat's diet to a grain free diet, but I still end up having to give her 1/4 of an adult Zyrtec tablet whenever her seasonal or dust allergies are bothering her.  She still gets weepy eyes or scratches her ears pretty intensely.  Benadryl is too intense for cats, as it is for many of us humans.  Zyrtec isn't nearly so intense.

I am interested in knowing how much stinging nettles to give to Akira, since I would be interested in trying that.  But, the 1/4 Zyrtec tablet does work.  Do not give this dose to kittens.  It is only meant for adult cats.  As with any cat, Akira objects to taking pills.  So, I only give it to her when it's obvious that she really needs a dose.
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I read you can give the full 250mg capsule......but like with anything I try I always start low and increase if needed. open the capsule and mix with the food if Akira will take it that way or as I do with powdered meds I mix in a little water and give with a dropper....
yeah be really worth a try, I've read good reports abt stinging nettles, just be sure to buy the one with none of the yucky ingredients...let us know how it works for her:))
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It shouldn't be too hard to find a brand that doesn't have the yucky ingredients, since I watch out about that for myself, too.  I should be able to find one that only has stinging nettles in the capsule.  I remember trying it on myself years ago.  It wasn't as effective back then as I had hoped it would be for me, but it might work great for the cat--if I can get her to take it the way you describe.  She may turn up her nose if I mix it her food, though.  You know how cats are.
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Some cats do get allergies and also skin allergies.
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When you are using any type of medicine for Cat.Be sure that should be Brand or Generic
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Thank you all for all of your suggestions! I have been on this site for a couple of months and didn't realize there was a cat forum until a few days ago. How wonderful! I will try out some of the suggestions and see what works for my little guy. Thanks again from Maynard and his mamma! :)
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