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Can cats get dandruff in their fur ?

Hello fellow cat parents,
We have a male ginger cat called Sammy. He's eight years old. The other day while I was doing a brushing,
I noticed that he has white flakes on his fur that look like dandruff. Sammy was just to the vet about a month
ago for his check up. Everything was good, but he needs some attention to his teeth, an issue which I will
have to attend to in the next couple of months.. We adopted Sammy almost 2 years ago. Any suggestions about
what is causing this are welcome. He doesn't seem to be bothered by this, but I am.Do you think I should take Sammy to the vet and let the vet see the flakes of loose skin ? Thanks, Eve.
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I would tend to break open a capsule and pour the oil onto their food.  But check with the vet.
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My kitty Chesapeake has dandruff.  I try and brush her a couple of times a week, but she's not keen on that even after over a decade she's been with us.

She's very healthy otherwise (9even though she is chubby).
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is Sammy on dry food???? kibble is very dehydrating thus contributing to the dry coat/skin....feed him wet food also give him some Omega3 fatty acids that will take care of any dandruff..:))
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I have experince with this.  Older cats can develop dry skin, which is flaky.  It is not dangerous tho the cat or the owners.  I would say your kitty is okay with the flakes, unless you notice other symptoms like excessive scratching or hair loss. - Blu
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A fine-toothed flea comb (they are tiny, like a mustache comb) would be helpful for combing out the flakes.  I would second the notion of Omega 3's.
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Hi Piparskeggr,

You say your kitty, Chesapeake, has dandruff too and that you brush
her several times a week. I will do that with our Sammy too. Thank
you for responding to my question. It is most appreciated. Eve:)
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Hi opus88,

Yes, Sammy does eat dry food. He used to have diabetes. Sammy doesn't have diabetes anymore. The diabetes was discovered through a blood test
initially. When Sammy had diabetes, our vet recommended that he be put
on a food plan which consists of diabetic food. We're still feeding Sammy
diabetic food on the advice of our vet. The vet has determined a certain
amount of food which keeps his diabetes under control. I would like to give
Sammy wet food , but we can't change his food plan without consulting our vet.  You suggest giving him some omega 3 acids for his dandruff problem.
What is the best way to give Sammy omega 3 acids ? Thank you for
replying to my question, opus88. It is very much appreciated. Eve :)
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Hi BluCrystal,

So you say that older cats can develop flaky skin. That's good to know.
I'm also glad to hear that it's not dangerous. Thank you for replying
to my question about Sammy's dandruff. It's very appreciated. Eve :)
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Hi AnnieBrooke,

Your idea of a fine toothed comb is a good one. Thank you for the
suggestion. You mention Omega 3's too. What is the best way to
give Omega 3's to a cat which used to have diabetes ? Your reply
to my question is very appreciated. Eve :)
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Hi AnnieBrooke,

I am going to discuss this issue with Sammy's vet. I will run your idea past
her and see what she thinks. Thanks for the suggestion. Eve

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