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Canker sore like lesion at my cat's lips

My 1 year old cat develops canker sore like lesion at the lips.  I have taken him to the vet 3 times.  The vet said he has allergy.  He had received 3 cortisone shots with no improvement.  Has anybody had similar problem with his/her cat?  Any suggestions how should I treat this condition.  By the way, my cat has no symptoms.  He seems to be playful and has good appetite.  Any help would be appreciated.  
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You might want to try a different vet. This vet sounds like he's just trying to run a bill up. Lesions can be a couple of different things, right up to signs of cancer. Sorry I can't be specific, but if the shot didn't help, they'd probably have to take a cell sample and test it.
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My 1 year old cat also developed mouth sores.  She also had no symptoms except for the sores.  The vet was certain it was an allergy, and thought it may be to food.  She had a severe case and was given prednisone and was always on antiobiotics because her sores would become infected.  My vet referred her to the University of Florida School of Veterinary Medicine for a expert diagnosis and they said it was flea allergies.  Well guess what?? Wrong!!  She did not get any better after all but firebombing the house to get rid of every last flea.  After trying many different kids of foods (dry and canned) I discovered that when she eats only Royal Canin limited ingredient dry food, she has no more mouth sores!!  After almost $1,000 in vet and exterminator bills, I am so happy that she is well now.  

I hope this helps!!  
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Yes, pet allergies do suck. They're a pain in the butt to figure out. It takes a lot of work and can take months to narrow it down but it is possible.
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My female 8 mo old has recently came down with mouth sores.  I will definately try the Royal Canin.  A daughter of mine has the same thing caused by yeast so I wonder if the Royal Canin maybe doesn't have glutton in it.
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My cat didn't have sores but her lip would get swollem from drinking milk...I used to give her a little milk from to time....She  got a reacation from it...She look like she had a fat lip...
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My 2 years Kitty olive has a very ugly mouth sore on the left side right on the bottom, it  kinda looks like a ft lip but it is yellow and sometimes has yellow puss coming out of it. i cleaned it with hydrogen peroxide and then put neosporin on it and there is not differance! i am very scared right now and i dont know what to do! causei dont have the cash to take her to the vetand im not sure i they do billing like human hospitals? some one help me!!!!
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PLEASE don't put neosporin on your cat's lip, that might be poisonous for your cat to ingest.  I would take the cat to the vet, it sounds like an abscess that needs antibiotics.
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my 3 yr old had an enlarged yellow lower lip the first 2 vet visit were the same antibiotics
steroids and a very large bill w/no relief for my pet he began to sound like he was having a hard time eating and drinking so i went to another vet she opened his mouth causing his to to pretrude and down his throat on the far bck side of his tongue was a growth she was sure it was cancerous so it had to be removed his lip began to clear a little but never really healed completely.  At one point it was thought to be feline herpes. I dont know if any of this helps or scares you but you may need to see another vet,
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A neighbor's barn cat recently passed away. The symptoms happened w/i days. She stopped eating (I was feeding her daily) early in the week, and w/in 2 days, she had developed sores and was not doing well. My neighbor took her to the vet the following day, and I was told that the cat's kidneys (both) were as hard as a rock and the cat had a bad odor as well. The vet euthanized her, believing that she was too far gone and possibly may have had cancer. It just seems bizzare to me, as the onset was so sudden and devastating.
I know the neighbor has rats by the barn. Would it be possible that the cat could have been bitten and that an infection developed?
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Hi...that did develop really fast however if the kidneys were involved ie: cancerous thus not filtering as they should all types of sores can develop anywhere on the body.
A bite wouldn't cause the kidneys to become hard.
Hope this was of some help?
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hi my 8 month old half persian cat also has sores on his lips and inside his mouth we went to the vet before and they prescribed a cream they said he had an infection we used the cream and it went but then shortly after it came back again so we went back to  the vets and they said it's cos his imune systems low he needs some more injections so they gave him 2 injections and prescribed for him another type of medicine which's bright violet and you put it on his sore and it stains the skin but that's not worked it's cost us nearly 150 euros and he's still not better it's spread and got worse so this monday we're taking him back to the vets and hopefully they'll take a sample or something and finally get rid of it forever when i find out more on monday i'll let you know what they say!!!
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oh poor kitty, that must be very painful for him!!
I hope your vet can find out what it is, I hope he takes a biopsy of these sores to make a firm diagnosis.
One thing I would like you to suggest to him for an opinion is EOSINOPHLIC COMPLEX. you can look at this on the websites veterinarypartner.com or dermvets.com/feline_eosinopilic_granuloma.html   and see if the diagram looks similar to you.
this is a symptom of an allergic reaction to something, fleas/foods/dust or pollen
Similar to the allergies we humans get only in Pets the allergies show up on their skin where we sneeze of get stuffed up.
My cat has this disease and he gets small scabs on his skin and when he scratches or licks they break open and get raw and sore...he has an allergy to certain foods...we think and are in the process of trying different ones.
Antibiotics and steroid injections have only given short term relief.
I hope this will help you...let us know how you make out ok, good luck
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