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Care for three stray kittens dumped off here

I have taken in three little kittens that were dropped off at our families cow pasture barn. They look pretty lively but they won't drink any water I put out for them. I am worried about them getting dehydrated. There's two male, one female kitten. The female is one of the most beautiful kittens I have ever seen. She is the most beautiful coloring of gray with white paws and chest, and bright blue eyes. Her brothers are both mostly all black with some spots of white. The female is a good size and longer haired but the males are little smaller and kinda scrawny. I been giving them wet cat food and they gobble it right up, so good appetites. Should I be concerned still ? I know that cats get quite a bit of water from the wet food. The two black ones have weepy eyes I am having to clean the gunk off every morning. If you have any advice please let me know. We are very strapped for cash and have no money for a vet right now.
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Cats typically aren't big water drinkers.  Giving them wet food should give them most of fluid they need. It would still be good idea to keep water available if there is not a natural source.

I adopted a stray male and he remained somewhat small and 'scrawny' for the 2 months I had him even tho' he was on an excellent diet.  What I noticed about him was that he fairly flew through the air when outside....very active...therefore burning up calories like mad which I think kept him slender.  There is also the genetic factor.  Your males simply may be a wiry build and will never fill out like some cats do.

Re the weepy eyes.  I imagine it is a  sign that they have feline herpes.  It is very common. Mine had that as well.  It was clearing up with l-lysine tabs I got thru' the vet. But the l-lysine was to strengthen kits immune system. I'd just keep cleaning their eyes..and hope they get better with time.  My kit was looking lots better when he could get out in the sunshine and run about.

We have a lot of experts on this forum who can help you better than I can.  Just wanted to give you a bit of support.  The good appetites are super.  Kitten need lots of calories.

The $ we spend on animals can get out of hand.  Try not to worry.  Maybe just cleaning the black ones eyes will relieve their discomfort.  Altho' I am not sure they feel bad...it just looks icky to us.
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You can also add some additional water to the canned cat food to make a gravy.  

You can by l-lysine at any drug store.  I get them at the grocery store and grind them up and then add 1/8 tsp and mix it with the canned cat food and water.
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If they are out in the country in and around a barn, they will be sure to find water.  if there are tanks on the property or other water for the cows, they will surely find it.  The little female sounds adorable.  Wish I could have her...Tenn isn't that far from Miss, which is where we're temporarily moving to tomorrow for a few months.  Maybe I could meet you half-way, lol.
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