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Cat: 1 in' Rock thing in Chin

My cat has something hard big growing in her chin; maybe tumor. The vet took x-rays and didn’t come up with anything more than before.. Sort of Let It Ride... She had her all at the office all morning and afternoon gave her a shot and some pills. Running out of the pills, need to go back to vet. I am giving her a liquid mushrooms too. Vet said to take a chunk off and analyze it would be to much and the kitty is old..
Snickers, my cat acts like a normal cat goes outside jumps fence but have this rock like thing growing on her chin. I know it gets in her way but she seems like she had this just live with it attitude.. Her tongue hangs out, she cannot clean her back side, and she does her paws, face... When she eats she has a tough time and saliva slobbers all over if i do not wash her... with warm compresses.  She rubs the thing against the edge of the wall... she doesn’t seem to be in pain but gets very upset if she does not have food in front of her or needs to go out.  She sleeps on the top of my toilet; it is hers I have my own. Oh she wants to drink from her toilet is this usual; never had a cat that did that... I was think n there is something in the water she needs??? I give all of my animals my drinking water; thought this was a bit different...
I feed soft food, gravy’s from cat foods, yogurt, baby foods, some organic raw fish and chicken....
Would love some comments to help us along to make Snickers comfy!
Thank you for listening…
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i have a cat who has what i thought was like a rock on the side of her jaw, the vet looked at it and said it was a "pebble" its when a cat has a open wound and dirt gets in it and the wound heals with it make it into a pebble. my cat the peple hasnt grown nor did it get infected the vet keeps on eye on it but as long as it doesnt get worst its fine but for your kitty it may be worse, how old is your kitty?
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Hi I have a 24 yr old male cat (bandit) he also has a hard growth under his chin.about six months ago he had one on the top of his scruff i was told by a vet that this was age spots they get and not harmful but as you said the one on his scruff had gotten big so i took him to the vet to see if they can drain it or anything to make it smaller & the vet numbed the area and without it bleeding or anything was able to take it off . as long as the growths on top of the skin & not growing under the skin they should be able to take it off so kittys more comfy. the one under bandits chin isnt so big that its causing problems yet.just ask your vet if numbing the area to remove it would work..
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