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Cat Abscess on Jaw

My two year old cat came home last night and this morning I notice an abscess on the bottom of his mouth.  It is the size of a large marble but there are no visible signs of a wound, scratch, cut, ect. I asked some friends about this and they said it was a spider bite, I am watching him close to make sure he is eating still.
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It could also be from a tooth infection. I have one kitty that is prone to them and we have to make sure his teeth are cleaned regularly.

Is he eating and drinking?
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New Leaf is right, but regardless, you shouldn't wait around on this. Regardless of the reason behind it, an infection of the mouth can cause the loss of kitty's teeth. Antibiotics should be gotten asap to prevent this.
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you need to get your cat to a vet. If it's truly an abscess then your cat has infection. Infection can spread and can make your cat very sick...can even cause death. All you need are antibiotics but you really need to go to your vet now.
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