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Cat Constipation

My 14 yr  old cat is always constipated off and on and is right now!
On an x-ray, near his bowel ,was a shadow but without exploratory surgery, couldn't make out what it was.
Poor guy went through surgery for basically nothing because it was just a calcium deposit that had nothing to do with his constipation.
Tried all vetinary scripted food and laculose , you name it he has tried it. Even 1/8 tsp of Miralax which is not to have a smell or taste but he knew it and wouldnt eat it or drink it.
For 6 weeks with no changes I fed him pro plan purina essentials canned 2.8 oz., with a packet of Fortiflora (comes 30 in a pack) and he was going 1-2 times a day (logs) and I was so happy then bam, he quit eating without reason, constipated again for 4 days took him to the vet after that because then he stopped drinking water, eating and just laying around and then vomited.
They gave him an enema and that was 3 weeks ago and he is still  just doing marbles in and out of litter box.
I am now feeding him with much research, Blue Buffalo Wilderness high protein/no grain. He isnt wild about it but was recommended best for elder cats with constipation.
I am giving him nothing else but canned wet of the BBW high protein/ no grain and his water. Been 2 days after the  7 day transition of the  Pro  
PRO Plan Purina but I am giving it a chance and will update if things get better.
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Have you tried buying sardines in oil, and feeding him just that oil? Would he eat it? We used to have a dog that would get constipated, and we'd give her a little dish of oil and she would drink it all by itself, and it worked.
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I have never tried sardines in oil . Problem is he dislikes any fish! But I will try to give him it anyway!
I meant just to give him the oil. Some cats will drink regular salad oil, but it sounds like this one might be more particular, so i was thinking sardine oil.
Another idea -- when our kitten was sick and needed a more palatable diet, we fed him chicken baby food. He liked it, but it gave him really mushy poops. You might try that as well.

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