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Cat Has A Lump On Head

So I have this cat and he only goes outside for a few hours every night. So yesterday we noticed that he has a huge squishy lump on his head. Right on top. It looks exactly like a abscess before being drained. But here's the kicker...there's not sign of trauma on or around the lump. No bites/punctures wounds, no scratch marks..nothing. Just a lump with no signs of how it got there. The only thing I'm thinking it could be is an abscess that came from something he  came in contact with (not an injury) and has manifested itself on his noggin. Soooo...any info or advice you guys have would help!
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Update: cat's right eye is also swelling shut
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From what you describe, it really does sound like your cat got into a fight or possibly got hit by a car(God, I hope not).  I have a lot of experience with cats-30+ yrs!  

The eye swelling along with the lump on the head makes me very nervous and I would take your cat to the vet ASAP.  They will actually shave the area on his head to see if there is scratch, bite marks or any other injury.  If it's an abscess(that's what I'm leaning towards), they will drain it and put your cat on antibiotics.

Good luck.  Please come back with an update!
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