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Cat Injury? Cyst like protrusion missing hair around wound.

Hello, I recently discovered a cyst like wound on my cats left foreleg today.. I believe the cyst has been opened as their appears to be a small opening where there is some blood colored ooze within. I cleaned the wound but when attempting to bandage it with gauze and bandage tape, my cat retracted her arm and moaned whenever I would attempt to apply the bandage, as if any pressure on the wound hurt her.

I would also like to note that before I noticed this wound, my cat appeared to have a sprain injury accompanied by some swelling on the same foreleg only 1 week ago. She would limp on her left foreleg but she was able to apply some pressure on it when walking, so I assumed it was a sprain, not a fracture. After a couple of weeks, she appeared to be walking mostly normal with little to no perceivable swelling. Now, following this injury I suspect it is something completely different. Please, if anyone could provide some insight on what the injury could be, I would be very grateful!
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Hello.  Good photo, I see what you mean about the middle.  This looks like it could be the beginning of an abscess.  Maybe from a possible spider bite or a sting from an insect...?  I'm not sure though.  It doesn't look like an animal bite.  Someone else may have an idea.  Since this has been going on a week, and is clearly painful for your girl, I would get her to the vet for an evaluation.

Keep us posted...  
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Hi NS22,
I agree with Jade ---she should see a vet. That is the only way for you to know what it is and how to help her pain.
Please see the vet
Let us know what he says--this is how we learn and may help others.
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