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Cat Losing Weight & Out of Options

Thank you for reading my post.

My 16 1/2 year old tortoiseshell calico cat - Molly - has been consistently losing weight for the past year. When she was younger she weighted almost 16 lbs. She is a large but slender long cat. Now she weights about 6 lbs.

Her history:
She was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma under her tongue over two years ago. I realize how lucky I am she is still here.

She had the tumor under her tongue removed, but the post lab results said the cancer cells had spread past the excision area. At that time she was given 2-4 months to live. The vet prescribed piroxicam which she was on for quite a while. Other than that they did not have any other options. I called a holistic vet (from the only natural pet website) and he sent me two holistic cancer formulas and I ordered a mushroom blend supplement (cannot remember the names). Molly takes an eyedropper full of medication very well. Those medications were stopped last year. She has stayed cancer-free under her tongue.

Testing started last year after I noticed her weight loss. The vet gave her an ultrasound on her stomach area. All they found was a slightly enlarged kidney on one side. She has had several blood tests at different times testing her cells, thyroid, liver, kidney function etc. The kidney function was slightly off but was not a concern given her age and her thyroid is normal. I also had a second opinion at Tufts Veterinary Hospital - same result.

My vet can only assume she might have cancer somewhere else affecting her digestion. He advised against cutting her open to biopsy her intestines because of her age, and I would not do that to her anyway. Six months ago I was bringing her to get weighted once every two weeks, during which time we tried other options to help her gain weight or to help cure whatever was making her lose weight. Including: vitamin B shots, a steroid, an appetite stimulant and a couple of other things - but she continued to lose weight. I have tried prescription cat foods, natural foods, kitten food.

My vet said she is the healthiest skinny cat he has ever seen.

I have not brought her to the vet for a while now, as it seems there is nothing else they can do. Molly does not seem to be in any pain, still jumps off the bed and goes where she pleases. The past couple of weeks she is weaker in the hind area and has looked a little off-balance. She throws up quite often, at least once every other day. Her stomach growls constantly and she acts list she is hungry most of the time. She has also vomited while going **** twice during the past couple of weeks. She has always been excited about eating and still is - although she does not eat as much as she used to. She does drink alot of water. Currently, I am giving her a probiotic for digestion (I thought it might also help the vomiting), Nutri-Cal to boost her calorie intake- a little every day, she has a good dry food down all day, gets canned once in the morning and once in the evening. Right now she is eating Fancy Feast, sometimes wellness cat food and sometimes Gerber chicken baby food for enticement. She is extremely boney and has lost alot of muscle.

I also have two other older cats at home (15 and 16) and its been difficult finding food they all like. I realize Molly is an elderly cat, and it might just be age doing this to her, but I want to make sure I have done everything that I could for her that is non-invasive and I wanted to keep her feeling good for as long as I could.

Please excuse my long-windedness and I appreciate any suggestions.
Thank you.
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Well... it sounds like you've been thorough. As far as the weight loss, older cats do lose weight, although 10 ponds is a lot.

As far as the vomiting, we've got two suggestions that could help.

1: KMS milk re-placer: Used for hand rearing sick or show cats. Not the weaning formula for babies. It's packed with nutrients and easy on the stomach. Petland should have it, and just about every cat LOVES to eat it.

2: Rice can help a cat's digestion (plain white). We usually use Gerber's baby food also, but make sure it's a rice mix. OR. you can mix in the plain white rice (Chinese restaurant type works great!) with either regular cat food or whatever they'll eat.

I hope they can have many more happy years with you. It's always nice to see pets that have lived out a full, happy life.
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Your cats kidneys are failing.  GO TO THE VET!
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