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Cat Names & Nicknames Thread

Why Not? The Dog forum is having fun with this, so why shouldn't we? :)

Perhaps if someone is looking for a new pet name, they can get it from one of us right out of this ol' thread here.
now, i'm going to list out some names and nicknames in groups, as they come to me. We try to never recycle a name here, which has led to some unusal names over the years (Like the time we took in three tabbys and called them "This, That, (the other) Thing." :)


T.F. (Tiny Friend)

Princess (of course)



Ted Ford (Started as Ted-e-Bear, some how became the former)


Whump (Originally Stumpy due to only half a tail, became "Whump" over time)

Ariel (also Michael, Rahpael, Gabriel and Cassiel (angel of temperance), to name a few in the angel category)

Frannie (Full name is Frannie funny Face)


Rosemary, Parsley, Thyme  (there are many, many spices... :)  )



...enough from me for now! :)
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Here is the story of how one cat's name morphed into the name it is now, which is "Fwee" :

Little Kitty > Weedle Kitty > Weedle Beetle > Weedle Bee >
Tweedle Fwee > Fwee

(I can visualise everyone's expressions as they imagine the diaglogue that goes on between owner (me!) and cat (Fwee!) as these names developed! :-P  Fwee really does respond, however, by actually talking back!)
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Well, I really want to adopt a female cat and I'll name her Sophia. I have always loved this name for a female cat. Go figure. My cat's name is Abby but I like to call him Cookie because he is very sweet. He happens to understand that he is also Baby, silly goose, etc...je je je.....smart cat huh? Whenever he does something I want him to do I always say 'GOOD DEAL AB' and he seems to like it as he looks back at me and meows, as if he was saying 'good deal mom'. lol
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Our cats name is keiko which is japannese for "the beloved one" (my husband is fluent) but usually we call her: "hey stupid get out of that!" or sometimes "dont do that you crazy animal
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Cat names here go through constellations, depending on the space we household members are in at the time.  As an undergraduate math major, I named my first cat, a Siamese who appears elsewhere on this website, Sherman for my professor of number theory and mathematical reasoning at UC-Davis, Sherman K. Stein.  I see today he's selling a calculus book on Amazon for $165, but I'm pretty sure we aren't in line for royalties.  Sherman's little sister--my first Tonkinese, before Tonks were officially a breed--was named Lemma, for obvious reasons (if you are a mathematician).  Her daughter, the third, was named Zorn:  having studied Zorn's Lemma with no particular joy, it amused me to have Lemma's Zorn in the household.  

Sherman was an excellently wonderful cat in every way, but Lemma was irreplaceable.  She took care of me (not a common feline inclination) for sixteen years, through some very hard times.  I've had lots of cats since, one or two stand out, but I'm still likely to tear up when I think about Lemma.  

A dark Burmese was added a couple of years later, and named Toke.  Apparently I had left behind undergraduate math, but not college.

And that was the first generation.
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Ours is Freckles because our then 6 year old son just thought it sounded cute. I have always wanted a buff colored cat and I would name her Butterscotch.

Poor Freckles gets called Brat Cat, Bratster, and my husband not so fondly refers to her as General Grievous (sith (bad) character from Star Wars). This is due to her uncanny resemblance to him (in the face at least) as well as her disposition.
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Oh Boy-  I always give my cat's a name and then call them about 12 different variations depending on the situation.

1st Cat-  Kitty Clover-  for the potato chip brand-  that was her name when we got her.


Currently I have:
Oliver- Ollie, Little Bas*tard, Whitey, Ollie-wally, Wally, Buddy, Bud-Bud, Budman

Lucy-  Lucille, Lucifer-haha, Squeaky (Because her meow is more of a squeak), squeaks, squeaker, Kee-kee, my sister calls her meow-meow because she is always talking. LuLu, Brat, Silly Girl, No- the bug (bird, insect or whatever she is trying to bring into the house) has to stay outside, girly

Taz-  Tazzy,  Tazman, man-man, silly boy, Fat boy (he has very short legs and has a barrel body), boy-kitty,

Hmm,  I'll have to think of other things I have called them-  It's a wonder they answer to anything.

I've also had 3 huge goldfish I called Curly, Moe and Larry.

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HR_PuffnStuff, we have a cat we call brat cat too! She's our latest addition and is totally different than my sweet, shy older cat. She has her own personality, that's for sure!

mrwjd, I love tonkinese cats! I always said if I got another cat it'd be a tonkinese. Either that or a Burmese. My mom has a Burmese cat and she's a real love bug. Are they always like that? I heard Tonks are affectionate and talkers! They're so pretty.

My oldest cat I just usually call pretty girl. Lol, so original, I know.
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Oy, this could get lengthy!  LOL

We have Eugene, our senior cat.  He will be 13 in January.  We call him E-Dean because our parrot can't say Eugene, I guess his name sounds like E-Dean to her.  As if E-Dean isn't bad enough, we also call him Blue Jean, Blue Dean, The E-Deany-Weenie-Chili-Beany-Boy, and The Weenish One.

Next is Ed-A-Puss.  His names are legion.  Anything with A-Puss after it, or Ed-A-whatever the situation calls for.  We also call him Edweird, Special Ed, Little Lord Fatleroy (he weighs 20 pounds), Ed-A-Meezer Scrooge (his Christmas name), Meezer Man and Eee-A-Pee.

Elizabeth is Lizzie, Lizzie Tish, Elizab*tch, Yizzy, Lizzle, and Izzle.

Marty is also known as Marthur, Martimer, Martini, Martoonie

Walter is Waltie-Poo, Waltini and Voltaire

Stuart is Stewie, Stuberger, Schtooooieeee!!!!, Stoogatz

Fiona is Feeee!!!!, Missafee, Feeborgie, Feeanootz, FeeonieBalonie

Toemas is TomTom, Toemy, Tommy Toodles

Mary Pat was very ill when we found her.  Her chest was gaping open from what appeared to be a horrendous case of mastitis from having had a litter too early in life.  The vet estimated her to be about seven months old, and the hole in her chest was so big you could see the whole muscle wall.  She is truly a miracle cat, because she has completely healed and even her hair grew back in.  She looks as though there was never a thing wrong with her.  So she became Mary Pat The Wonder Cat, also known as Mary Pat The Super Cat, and Mary Pat the [fill in the situation] Cat.  The Mary Pat the [blank] Cat works for any situation.

Last but not least we have Buddy, the Siamese we found almost starved to death early this Spring.  His nicknames are already starting to build up.  We already call him Bud Man, Buddinski and Butter Butt.

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socks became socker, then sockerman,
talon because she has the longest nails I've ever seen, she is also brat-cat
shadow, the baby because when I first saw her, as a kitten in my  yard, I thought she was just a shadow under the cars tire.
and then there is brave, brave-boy because he is the most scaryed cat I've ever seen in my life.
in the past, we've had sir lance a lot, sheba, kizzy-kizzycat and mary hartman, I've had bootsy, silky, pumpkin, pumpkin pie and sweet pumpkin pie. spice, ramain, rainman,(I found him in a rainstorm)  and snowball,
my next cats will be oreo, spiderman Lucy and ????????????
I've never been without a cat and I never will be!! check out my own nickname.
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Wow this is long havent got to read through them all but we have SAMMY who we call daddy sam. Jaeger we just call Jae Jae. Babygirl we call Momma, i have no idea why. And Bella i call Bella Boo..its nice to know im not the only cat crazed person to speak baby talk to my pets haha
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heh heh...some of these names are just great. We have a "Cookie" also, although we often call him "Belly of the beast" when he's laying on his back (he's cookie colored and VERY fat).

Hmmm...we have Speck (because he was a runt...a little speck in a large world; grew to be fairly big and lanky).

We had a Taz as well at one point. Although we also called him "the devil".

I find when naming a cat we usually wait a few days or a week to see what characteristics jump out.

Of course, sometimes your a bit stuck. That's how you end up with a name like "Bonkers" (Well, he does like "bonkers" (the cat treat's name)...

Or "Cricket" because he's jumping around quite a bit.

My favorite is still my first cat, "Stoic". He was a Russian blue who was unflappable. nothing phased that animal.

Although there was that one time my second cat, "Havoc" as a kitten was attacking him playfully without mercy for days on end. I came home one day to find Stoic sitting placidly in the center of the room and Havoc hiding under a chair from which he refused to come out from under.

I suppose even Stoic had his limits before snapping... :)
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Oh how these names morph in so many endearing ways

Fred....Little Fred.....  Red Fred... Red Fred who lives on the bed.... Al Freddo.....
!!!!!FRED!!!! ...... Fat Fred ....  Really Fat Fred...... Freddy ...... Phred ...... Juicy....
.... Juicy Kitty

Now, if anyone can guess how he became to be known as Juicy Kitty in certain circles there will be a prize involved. Nothing like free cat food for life but a prize none the less.
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I would guess he's a fat, squishy kitty. :)

...or you squeeze him like an orange and funny noises come out?
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My mom has a neighbor with 2 cats.  Their names are really cute:

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I have to say, Tonks are everything you've heard and everything you wish for in a cat.  

I started having Tonks before show breeders turned Siamese (which I had from age 12 through college) into pointed-faced, neurotic, unhappy cats, but having seen that, I recommend Tonks even more enthusiastically.  (For Siamese people--before you yell at me, I do know there is a movement to raise "apple-heads."  This has ended up in tragedy for Burmese, I'm sorry to say, but is probably okay in Siamese.)

So now all I care about is that show people don't start to find Tonks boring and breed a "new model" as happened with both their ancestor breeds.  They are too perfect as they are!

(Stop by my profile if you get a chance and see our year-old kitten Rain demonstrating the cozy mellowness of the breed with her baby brother.)
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Ed-A-Puss!  Oh, no!  I can't stop laughing!
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Fat and squishey indeed. You nailed that one and came quite close in the fruit department.

Thank god he doesn't emit juices when he gets poked or petted!! Hairballs and the odd barf is quite enough thank you very much.

Since no one else seems to be inclined to guess, you do win the prize.  Hummm, what shall it be.. a nice mouse shaped laser pointer to drive your kitty pals crazy with, nope that wouldn't fit through email or PM.... I shall have to think about this for a bit, a cyber quiz prize.

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I have killed two birds with one stone as they say.  I am posting your prize as FREE kitty porn in my photo section. Just go to the photo tab in my profile..... enjoy.
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My cats names
Midnight (black cat of course)
Tasha (named for an Avon fragrance)
Scutterbotch (calico with butterscotch coloring), Scutter for short
Thunderbolt (and he was)
Current cat is Oliver (adopted from the pound, he was found almost frozen and starving in a snowbank and named for Oliver Twist), middle name is Eugene, also known as Ollie, Ols, Mr. Puss
A friend of mine had a mean cat named Shithead
Another friend adopted a mother cat and baby, named them Mamooshka and Babooshka (?spelling, Russian names for Mom and baby)
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I loved the name (Ed-A-Puss) when it popped into my head, and DH and I laughed about it for a few days and then decided that it was perfect for the kitty and so he was named.  I am the type of person who puts a great deal of thought into the names of my "kids" because, after all, they are going to have those names for a lifetime, so they have to be good ones.  When we adopted Elizabeth, we were told that she was already spayed.  Since Ed was only four months old, we waited a while to neuter him, and we figured there was really no rush since Lizzie was spayed and our two older boys were already neutered.  Everyone would get along even though Ed was intact because he still bowed to the seniority of the other two males.  

Well, one night at 3 am, DH and I were awakened by a blood-curdling cat scream to find Elizabeth, our spayed kitty, giving birth on the loveseat!!!!  Talk about a surprise!!  But, thanks to the fact that we had been lied to about Elizabeth's fertility status, we now had two more kids in the family, and they were both VERY polydactyl, both having six toes on each foot all the way around.  Two kittens, FORTY EIGHT TOES!!!  There was a little female, whom I named "Fiona", which was a very easy choice because she was my little princess, just like Princess Fiona in the movie "Shrek".  The male kitten didn't look like a "Shrek", kittens just don't look like ogres, so I put on my thinking cap and came up with "Toemas", because God knows he has toes, and I have always liked the name "Thomas" for a boy.  And then it hit me - he IS the son of Ed-A-Puss, so his name officially became -

wait for it...

Toemas Ed-A-Son!!!

I'll see myself out now.  

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Sativa = Titi, Teats, tatuba, teataleato, tivo, toobow, tiva, tiba, stevie, missmiss, tito, miss, teatea-ana, insani-cat, kitkat, t.t. minor, t-bone barnett, tito jackson, touvalou, tartuba, satie... more later........
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What a fun post.  Ok, here goes.

Mr. Woogs = Woogies, Wiggles, Squiggles, Squiggle-butt, Grampa Woogs
Felix = Lovebug, Chickadee, Chickster kitty
Dusty = Dustmop, Dust bunny
Muffin = Muffy, Muffy Von Hissington, The Evil One (she's feral, been with us for almost 10 years, hates humans, loves cats!!).  Hisses at me every chance she gets.
Cubbie = Cubster, Cubbiekins, Cuteypie

And I, too, am happy to know I'm not the only one....LOL!
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Okay, I'll get back to you later.  Right now, I'm rolling on the floor laughing.  

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Heh heh...this is to much. I'll admit, I had a horse once I called sh*thead when I was a kid, but that was before I got to know him better. He rolled on me since I cinched him up to tight and nearly broke both my legs, which started us off on a terrible footing. Eventually i started calling him "Old Glue." :) (Forgive me, i was young.)

I see from pic's that quite a few of us have mixed pets, dogs and birds. Does any one have snakes, lizards, rabbits as well? I find the inter-special relationships interesting.

We've got a family of woodchucks out back and it's startling to see they mingle with the cats quite happily. I've seen woodchuck babes sleeping in a pile with the cats, or eating along side them.
The possums are a problem because the do kill the kit's which I hate to see but there's not much we can do.

(I don't see how a cat can live with a bird without an inevitable "Sylvester vs. tweety" outbreak, btw.)
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