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Cat bringing "gifts"

Hi there,

My 4 year old cat Emma has been acting very strange. Everyday I find random articles of clothing on my floor that are not meant to be there (other people's mittens, hats etc.) I once caught her with a mitten in her mouth bringing it downstairs to my room and laughed it off. Lately though, the volume of clothing has become higher. Everyday I find 4-6 items of clothing on my floor. Last night I caught her in the act, she was bringing my christmas stocking down the stairs, she cried loudly as though to get my attention and dropped in the same place the other articles are being found. I've looked it up but I can't find a conclusive answer as to why she is doing this. Does anyone know why she may be doing this or experienced the same behaviour?
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Consider yourself lucky.  Most cats bring mice, lizards, birds, and bugs as gifts.  This is very normal cat behavior that combines their hunting instincts with their desire to please (you in this case) by making offerings.  In Emma's mind, she is bringing you things to get your attention and to please you.
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Well I think thats great I wish my Tweety would do the same , she brings in all the critters she can find,she has quietened down a bit as its winter but spring is ahead and no doubt it'll be lizard time again, Yuck, I must have saved the lives of dozens, chasing her around till she drops them, same with birds, its my main occupation in The spring ..lol .
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LOL Margy!!
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I never knew that their tails come off, not tweetys, the lizard's so the first time I saw it happen and this tail was left wriggling whilst I rescued the lizard was really the worst thing I have seen in many a moon...
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