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Cat diabetes

What is the largest safe dose of insulin for a 12 pound cat with diabetes and cushing's disease?
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I'm glad my words were of some use to you.

I looked at the glucose curve generator, unfortunately we do not use the insulin for which this is calibrated.  Hldie gets 2 1/2 units, twice a day of Prozinc, which is a human dna based, synthetic insulin, not a porcine like the Vetsulin.

My brother in law had Grave's disease, so I know how hard it can be to balance medications.

Luckily, Miss Hildie just has adult onset diabetes without further complications.
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I'm sorry I can't answer your question, you need to consult with your Vet for medication related inquiries. I can send you a couple links that are very informative. I do hope your dear kitty gets regulated well and is able to be with you for a long time yet...good for you for researching and finding ways to help.
wish I knew more abt this disease, there are some other members on here with diabetic cats and perhaps they can be of more help to you. best♥


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For Hildie cat, it took a couple of months with increasing doses to find the right therapeutic level for her, under our vet's supervision.

The disease is under control, and we are giving her a reduced dose from the maximum she was taking.

Gonna do a full day blood sugar curve and get the results to our vet to see how she's doing with the smaller dose.

Diet will help too, reducing the amount of grains, to zero if possible.  Hildie has gone from 80% regular kibble/20% canned to 50% lower grain kibble/50% canned.  I got the grain level lower by mixing the girls regular Friskies Indoor Formula half and half with Blue Buffalo.
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Thank you for your interest. You were kind enough to respond to me Oct 2012. Her cushings makes her insulin resistant. The diet need for diabetes is so important, but there's not much chance her health will ever improve. Bless you for being a concerned cat lover. You may find this interesting: (Glucose curve generator for vets) http://www.vetsulin.com/vet/Tools_GlucoseCurve.aspx
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Appreciate your reply. About a year ago you sent me two sites I checked out.
Our problem is her insulin resistance due to cushings. She's going through another stage where her appetite is enormous and she cries and begs to be fed. It's heartbreaking. (You may want to check out the second site...it is no longer available )

I love your personal quote! (Every Storm runs out of rain like every dark night turns into day...Gary Allan) Thanks for caring.
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isn't it ever heartbreaking when they are asking so sympathetically for something that we cannot supply and relieve their suffering for them.... I feel for you both:(

I did check out the second site and its still there....are you using the copy and paste? try it again.
but yes I know the resistance is due to the cushings....I will also send you another site that has some insite into that,  under the heading cushings, one interesting line reads "if excess cortisone situation can be resolved it is possible the diabetes may also be resolved"
doesn't that ever give you some hope!!!!!


I will try and find more info if I can for you....
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