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Cat diabetes

What is the largest safe dose of insulin for a 12 pound cat with diabetes and cushing's disease?
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I'm glad my words were of some use to you.

I looked at the glucose curve generator, unfortunately we do not use the insulin for which this is calibrated.  Hldie gets 2 1/2 units, twice a day of Prozinc, which is a human dna based, synthetic insulin, not a porcine like the Vetsulin.

My brother in law had Grave's disease, so I know how hard it can be to balance medications.

Luckily, Miss Hildie just has adult onset diabetes without further complications.
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I'm sorry I can't answer your question, you need to consult with your Vet for medication related inquiries. I can send you a couple links that are very informative. I do hope your dear kitty gets regulated well and is able to be with you for a long time yet...good for you for researching and finding ways to help.
wish I knew more abt this disease, there are some other members on here with diabetic cats and perhaps they can be of more help to you. best♥


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For Hildie cat, it took a couple of months with increasing doses to find the right therapeutic level for her, under our vet's supervision.

The disease is under control, and we are giving her a reduced dose from the maximum she was taking.

Gonna do a full day blood sugar curve and get the results to our vet to see how she's doing with the smaller dose.

Diet will help too, reducing the amount of grains, to zero if possible.  Hildie has gone from 80% regular kibble/20% canned to 50% lower grain kibble/50% canned.  I got the grain level lower by mixing the girls regular Friskies Indoor Formula half and half with Blue Buffalo.
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Thank you for your interest. You were kind enough to respond to me Oct 2012. Her cushings makes her insulin resistant. The diet need for diabetes is so important, but there's not much chance her health will ever improve. Bless you for being a concerned cat lover. You may find this interesting: (Glucose curve generator for vets) http://www.vetsulin.com/vet/Tools_GlucoseCurve.aspx
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Appreciate your reply. About a year ago you sent me two sites I checked out.
Our problem is her insulin resistance due to cushings. She's going through another stage where her appetite is enormous and she cries and begs to be fed. It's heartbreaking. (You may want to check out the second site...it is no longer available )

I love your personal quote! (Every Storm runs out of rain like every dark night turns into day...Gary Allan) Thanks for caring.
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isn't it ever heartbreaking when they are asking so sympathetically for something that we cannot supply and relieve their suffering for them.... I feel for you both:(

I did check out the second site and its still there....are you using the copy and paste? try it again.
but yes I know the resistance is due to the cushings....I will also send you another site that has some insite into that,  under the heading cushings, one interesting line reads "if excess cortisone situation can be resolved it is possible the diabetes may also be resolved"
doesn't that ever give you some hope!!!!!


I will try and find more info if I can for you....
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Great website. I've visited it before, probably because of your earlier reply. Sorry about the site I thought was gone. I had done copy/paste but must have goofed. Yes, that one line has hope. I have done so much searching I came across a 17 page document I suggested to my vet. He hasn't had much experience with diabetic cats let alone feline cushings. With your interest you may want to check it out:  http://www.2ndchance.info/diabetescat-insulinresistance.pdf.   And here is another good site:    

Do you have a diabetic kitty?
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Thanks for the information. We use human insulin, Lantus Solostar in a pen, 9 units twice a day. Miss Hildie is lucky to have you watching over her.
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WOW, 9 units!?

I thought Hildie needed a lot when it was 3 twice a day.

Gods bless you.
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Our diabetic kitty with cushings is now getting vitamin and glucosamine tablets. It seems to make a difference. Even though she is limping she seems to have a little more energy at times ... Particularly meal times! While we have had to lift her up to the dryer where she gets her shots, she now, afer aboit 2 months on the tablets, often jumps to a stool, a perch and onto the dryer. Food is a strong motivator. She has always jumped down, but recently we have found her rsleeping on the dryer.

The glucosamine is probably helping with pain, but she continues to limp on her back legs. Her belly is so big and creates weight that has to be causing her pain in her joints. Her front legs are deformed and her paws point outward, also part of the cushings. She is still loving and happy.
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My Tink is still a happy cat. She has survived almost 4 years with cushings disease and diabetes. She continues to get 2 insulin shots a day, 8 units each. Her fur has regrown in areas and that is probably due to vitamins. She gets Hartz medicine for joints which hopefully lessens pain of walking. She had an abcess drained recently near her nose, and another will probably need the same later on. With cushings you don't know what might develop next. But her purring as she snuggles up next to your face is so rewarding. Her appetite never ceases, and we have hopes she will be able to again travel with us in our motor home.
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I came across this site looking for information on Cushings in a cat, as my 14yr old Tuxie has been diagnosed with that following his insulin resistance. Did you use any other medications such as Trilostane (Vetosyl) to surpress the cortisol production, in your treatment plan?
I was surprised to see your cat has survived a long as she has.

Thanks for any information
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hi and welcome, 2012meme hasn't been on the forum since her post in March I will give you a link to send her a private message that should go to her email so hopefully she will see it and give you a reply....good luck

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Thank you so much. It has been so hard to get information on Cushing's in cats and I was so hopeful to find out more from someone who actually had a Cushing's cat. I will message her and see how things are going.
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As you have probably found out, cushings is extremely rare in cats. I hope you have a good vet. Our Tink was first diagnosed with diabetes, then a while later tested for cushings. The diabetes, as I understand, is often triggered by the cushings. Either way, we had started insulin twice a day and had decided we would continue as long as she was a happy cat. Vitamins and glucosamine tablets seemed to help. We gave her FortiFlora, a powder in a packet, for diahrrea as needed. Problems from the cushings disease are unpredictable and different for each cat. This site was very helpful and you will find other owners that reached out to help and provide encouragement (lynn12358 and opus88).

Tink had all the common symptoms...enormous belly, lots of hair loss, extreme thirst and appetite, weak and thin legs, diarrhea once in a while, occasional litter box accidents. We used a Lantus Solarstar pen with human insulin and she didn't mind at all. We treated other things as they came up, growths, bulging eye, abcess in her mouth. Sedation was needed once and she barely recovered from that. We bought stairs for the bed when her legs got too weak to jump. Through it all she was a very loving pet and that is why we continued treatments. We ordered insulin and other items on line to help with expenses. Be sure to keep Karo syrup on hand just in case her blood sugar drops. We learned to do glucose curves. Her dose changed over time.  There are some sites referenced in the past conversations that might help. Unfortunately there are more options for treating dogs than cats.

Sadly, Tink let us know when she was ready to go. Tink went on to heaven Thursday, May 8, 2014 and waits for us at the Rainbow Bridge. If you don't know the story, look it up or ask and I'll send it. We miss her soft whispers and kitty kisses. We had her sweet face with us about 3 years more than would have been expected. Her ashes are in a wooden box to be scattered with ours when our time comes. I wish you and Tuxie many days of happy memories as you work to keep his life comfortable.  That special bond between you and him will always be a blessing.  If I can help please let me know.
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I forgot to mention food for Tuxie. We were advised only canned low carb food. No dry food. I found a list comparing different brands. We stayed with Friskies canned, easiest to find nearby and not overly expensive. We fed only after her shot. She easily learned the routine ... Jump up on the dryer and start eating bowl of food, gave the shot (not on the neck but a certain area on the side) mornings one side and evenings the other side, then down on the floor to finish eating. She was so good about it. I imagine Tuxie must be black with cute white markings.
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Hi again, Thx you for the very informative reply, I'm sure Tuxiesmom will find that very helpful, as will others who search the site looking for answers.

I'm so sorry little Tink lost her long battle, she put up a brave fight to stay wth you as long as she could. Wth your wonderful care and love she managed a good life for 3 yrs longer than was expected....that's fantastic!!

The only thing I guestion is yr use of friskies, while any canned food is much preferred over dry, I have never read any evidence in favor of this brand, nor have I ever seen evidence that it's low in carbs, can I ask you where you found such info?

Again Thx for your post....and RIP little Tink:(
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Good to "see" you again.  You did good to give Tink those extra years.

Our Hildiekatt lost her battle this year, too.  The diabetes had gone into remission, however, she developed intestinal lymphoma and we sent her to that beautiful meadow at the foot of the rainbow in June, 2 years after her sister was sent for the same illness.
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One of my cats is diabetic.  I started making my own cat food when he was diagnosed because it was too expensive to feed all of my cats a prescription diet.  However, most vets will recommend a canned food that is 10% or less carbs and several of the Friskies varieties meet that criteria including most of their pates, flaked tuna and Special Diet varieties.  Dr. Lisa Pierson, DVM, is a leading authority on feline nutrition, especially for those with diabetes.

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Thank you so much for your reply. I am so sorry that Tink finally lost her fight, but she obviously had a number of happy years because of your love and care.

My Tuxie was diagnosed only a few months ago and right from the start I knew something was wrong since he was resistant to the insulin. I have been doing homemade food for almost 8 years..grassfed beef and almost no carbs. I had it analyzed and it is better than anything I could buy, even the prescription stuff.

After 3 weeks I changed vets, since the first one only brushed off my concerns. I have done a lot of research on insulin resistance and it was at my urging that the second vet did the Cushing's testings and ultrasound, which confirmed pituitary induced Cushing's. There are so little studies with Cushing's in cats, but I have read a couple where Trilostane (Vetoryl) has been used to help control the cortisol production. This certainly isn't a cure and has some risks, but there is no way I could have the radiation therapy or adrenal gland removals done. Tuxie has always been a very skitterish cat and just freaks out when I have to take him for a vet visit. So I want to do as much home monitoring as I can to avoid stressing him any further.

I am so worried about his skin as it is already showing the thinning signs and when I do his shots he is starting to meow when I pull the skin up.

I will be asking the vet about B12 injections for him and I will ask what other supplements might be of help.

I am so grateful to have found this posting. Cushing's is so rare in cats that there is very little information. The fact that you were able to give Tink those extra years gives me hope for some extra quality time for my Tuxie. He is only 14 and I had really hoped that I would have many more years with him...but only if he has quality time.

Again I am so sorry to hear that Tink has passed, but you did a small miracle by giving her all that extra time.
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Just want to make a short comment that it's so good to read you two ladies also make your own cat food!! I too have been for nearly 4 years now, for 2 of my 3 cats(3rd one refuses)
Homemade diets besides being so much more economical are also so much healthier. That way we control what goes into the food and the quality of the protien
Yes Nancy, I too am a follower of cat info.org, marvellous site with solid information on many issues:)
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So glad Tuxiesmom and 2012meme were able to reach one another...that's part of what makes this site so awesome

I hope with some exchange of info you'll also be able to give Tuxie many more years with you:) .....poor baby, I so understand her fear of the Vet visits, my Opus was the same after enduring years of poking and prodding wth his heart disease, we feel so bad but do it in their best interest, if only they could know that
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Thank you so much for seeing my comment and connecting me with 2012meme. I am so glad to be able to communicate me with someone who has dealt with Cushing's, since it is so uncommon and there is so little information out there for cats. Hopefully I will be able to do the best for my Tuxie and give him as much quality time as possible. Tuxie and his sister Maxie have been my babies for 14 years and have never needed much other than food and love. So now it is my turn to repay Tuxie for all the love and joy he has given me.
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Have you thought about contacting a vet school?  They are usually more up to date with new research or could possibly give you contact information of someone who might be able to help more.  I have noticed the one I work with is not as up to date with food information, or the students I have spoken to aren't but they have so much other stuff going that it's probably at the bottom of the totem pole.  :)
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