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Cat getting skinny and hair thinning

My 14 month old cat had her only litter of kittens about 3 months ago. She went into heat one more time and then we had her fixed. Since then she has gotten really skinny and her hair seems to be thinning. She had long somewhat fluffy fur before and now it seems like she has had a hair cut. She is acting fine and seems to be eating normally.
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something is really wrong....your kitty needs to see a vet asap...some complications from the spaying I would believe...please don't wait, it could be an internal infection or something gone wrong...:(
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It's possible she has hyperthyroidism. My cat lost weight and was really boney, hair loss, and color was getting lighter (siamese), and took her to the vet.. was told she had hyperthyroidism. The ear treatment was not helping. It doesn't actually cure it. So we paid 1 k plus other vet visit fees for radioactive iodine treatment. Ms baby is 14 years old, super healthy, hair has grown back, is a healthy 10 pounds, and full color like before. Make sure the vet checks your cat for hyperthyroidism. It's not normal for a young cat to get really skinny and have thinning hair, if it's not hyperthyroidism, it has to be something else serious. You should take her to the vet asap. (Also, change her diet to a healthy brand like Wellness or Evo cat food)
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