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Cat has worms and won't eat?

Hi! I have a cat named Mayflower. I had a gut feeling something was off with her and decided to take her along with our new kitten to the vet for a check up.

Lo and behold, the vet found out that Mayflower has worms. Now both she and the kitten are on de-worm medicine. The kitten is fine, but Mayflower hasn't touched food or water at ALL. She was very excited to eat her food at first but smelled it and just turned away. Her diet has been off and on, but she's never straight out refused to eat like this.

Is she okay? Is there anything I can do to help?
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What kind of worms did the vet find?  Is it possible Mayflower has a different kind of worms than the kitten, and still has them?  Or do you think Mayflower just doesn't feel too good from the worm meds?

If she is still not eating tomorrow or the next day, call the vet.  Be sure she is getting all the water she wants.
The vet did not specify what kind of words Mayflower has- he just found them stuck to the fur around her butt. Although the kitten has been treated for worms previously to adopting her, we were advise to treat her for worms as well as a precaution since she does interact frequently with Mayflower.

While I can't exactly pinpoint why Mayflower isn't eating, she does the motion that implies she's trying to bury it to save it for later (by scratching the floor around the ground) so I think she might feel hungry but get nauseous around the smell of food. She won't even eat treats. :-(

She IS drinking water, but I'll give her a little bit more time until I call the vet.
The burying for later is a good sign that whatever has put her off her food is only temporary.  A cat that is really sick is not saving its food for later.

I recently gave my cat Drontal, the basic medication for tapeworms, and after having been noticeably in the dumps, he picked up and has been active and in a tremendous mood.  That's why I asked if perhaps you had wormed for the wrong thing and Mayflower is still suffering from worms.  Kittens are often wormed for roundworms, but flecks sticking to the rear is more suggestive of tapeworms, I would guess though that probably your vet knew it when he or she saw it and gave you the right medication.

Good luck, keep us posted.
Thanks so much for the reassurance!

So far, Mayflower's been eating little bits every now and then, but the kitten (her name is Hina) isn't eating now. I'm pretty sure at this point it's the medicine giving them tummy aches. Hina is an eating machine, so when I saw she didn't even smell the food it was pretty obvious the cause.
Hi my cat has the same problem but she’s very skinny now and won’t eat or drink is there anything I can do I don’t have a vet around me where I live and I don’t have the money to take her any advice
Maddie Elizabeth, if your cat won't eat or drink, it really is a veterinary emergency, and in your shoes I would get on the phone and try to find some veterinary help. Start calling vets and asking where there is help for low-income clients.
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Hi there...how are Mayflower and Hina feeling today?  Have they eaten?
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