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Cat hates new kitten help!

Hello, so ive have a new kitten for about 3 weeks now.
My 2 year old female hates her so much, shes improved a lot , but still hisses and swipes at the kitten if she gets to close.
At first my cat was vehemently afraid of the kitten and would run and spit and hiss if the kitten came up to her, more recently she has tried intimidating her if the kitten approaches her.
Shes become mean, and if for instance the kitten tries to jump up on me she runs across the room to try and hit the kitten.
Basically my cat is very jealous and insecure, at first she was very angry at me, she started being nice again to me and does tolerate the presence of the kitten better, but has more violent reactions in close encounters it seems.
Today my cat peed on my bed, she has never had a problem with using the litter box before , it was purely territorial and I don't know what to do.
I miss my cat a lot! Any suggestions?
I've been keeping them separated a lot more sense my cat started being more aggressive but , like today she peed, which seems like a regressive behavior.
Any help would be appreciated.
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An introduction of a new kitty to a household needs to be done very slowly....give each cat a separate room with their own litter boxes and food/water dishes, allow the older cat to get accustomed to someone else in her home, the scents and the presence....it may take weeks before you should allow them to be together....acceptance comes very slow for some.
She is letting you know she is very displeased right now, if you separate them and go about a very slow intro I hope eventually she will accept the new kitten. Cats are very territorial. Spend extra time reassuring your older cat that she is still very loved
Good luck, keep us posted
A member piparskegar hopefully will pipe in here, he has lots of experience with this and can give you more help than I can :)
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I've definitely been doing it slow.
I was just so upset she peed on my bed. I'm afraid shes going to continue peeing around the house now or something, ive been considering just making her an outside cat if it persists. We shall see how it goes though.
Thanks for your input, ill keep being patient with her, but shes just become a bully. I hope i'll see her sweet side again one day.
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Please,dont consider making her an outside cat for peeing issues - it will make her feel completly abandoned and it eventually can cause her to be depressive and seriously sick.
Girl now needs even more love, not to be discarded just because is not acting lovely at this moment.
We are sure you can manage to give both cats the love they need.
Hang in there.
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We normally confine a new member of the house, as we are doing with Buff and Cooper, letting the established kitty have free reign.  Slowly, we let new kitty have a little supervised exploration time, making sure there are no close encounters, as possible.

Give queen kitty extra attention, letting her know she is still queen of the house.  Brush her some more, as she may stress groom, causing bad hairballs.

This appears to have been Teia's trouble, had her at the vet today to have a large, compacted stool removed, over hydration with sub-q fluids, plus an enema.

It is going to take time, but with patient, persistent kindness, you will succeed.

We've introduced both new kittens and older kitties into an established household successfully.
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As for the peeing, use a good enzymatic cleaner on the pee spots to get any urine smell gone.

Put bubble wrap on the bed.  Kitty claws popping the bubbles is something kitty does not like.

If you do not want kitty afraid of the bed, cover it with a plastic tarp.  Teia peed on the bed while Anita was on a three month tour of duty away from home this summer.  I did the tarp cover, placed a towel at the foot end of the mattress for her to lay upon.  Still do this, since she still has stress from new kittens.

Has worked well.
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