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Cat is sneezing and his eye is tearing up

yesterday I noticed my cat sneezing a lot.. he would sniffle a bunch.. then sneeze hard..  he sneezed periodically through the night.. today he is still sneezing.. and I noticed clear liquid tears in his left eye
when he is not  sneezing his breathing seems normal.. and he is eating and drinking ok..  I think he seems a little more lethargic than normal..  he is a year and a half.. he had all his shots last year and it is time for his booster but I haven't had a chance to take him in yet.   does this sound like a URI    could it be something else..
today is tuedays and I don't have the money to take him in to the vet til friday.. is he going to be ok?
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cats do get colds just like people do. the thing to watch out for is if that clear liquid coming from the eye develops some coloration, or pus consistency, or swelling.

THEN rush kitty to the vet ASAP. Any eye infection from illness can have serious consequences, leading to possible blindness.

If kitty gets a stuffy nose and stops eating, then you'll possibly have to take steps in feeding kitty.

...but, probably it's just a common cold, that will pass, as they tend to do. :)
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