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Cat litter

What kind of litter does everyone use ??
I did use World's Best corn litter but found it becoming more and more dustier so I switched to Swheat and sprinkle Yesterdays News over the top to cut down on dust (yes it also has some dust)..
The problem is even when I just had the two cats (now I have three), I would use a whole  17 lb bag in 10 days, now I just bought the biggest bag and it is almost gone....Wow, $27.99 for the biggest bag of SWheat with only a $1 off coupon, doesn't save you anything now does it ? I contacted the Swheat website and all  they are offering is the $1 off coupon and was asked if I was saving my coupons that come in the bag for when you buy collect 12 you get a free bag !. Great but it still does not save me anything because I have to spend well over $200 to get a free bag...
Just curious what everyone else uses for their cats, I feel this kind of litter is safer for the cats so I guess I shut up and quit complaining about the cost but you would think they could offer more than just a measly $1 off coupon for people who buy this litter all the time..
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I just use the regular clay litter b/c where I live there aren't many choices, I've found many of the so called 'natural' litters come with a very strong pine scent that my kitties don't like...even the corn based one does.

wow you are spending alot on litter Donna, is this a NON clumping type? I find you go thru alot more with those. the one I use(maxxcat) does clump and with 2 boxes and 2 cats and scooping 2x a day it costs me approximately $8 a month.
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That was interesting Donna and opus ..I have changed to a non scented, allergenic litter as my kitty was scratching a lot  
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yes, it is getting quite costly but this is the litter I have been using for over a year and a half now. I went to pick up a bag yesterday at our local Big R and found that it has gone from $18.99 to $20.99 for a 25 LB bag !!!
The 40 LB bag I purchased previously was $28 + at our local Pet supplies Plus so I don't know if it is going up everywhere or just at Big R.
SWheat clumps slightly, has NO scent what so ever as far as Perfumes, pine scent etc..
Boo has mild Asthma (mainly exercise induced ) so this is a good one to use as far as dust, perfumes, fragrances..
I don't know how plain clay litter would work out as far as scooping, dust, etc.. but I do know I am going to have to look for other alternatives because of the cost .
I will not use clumping litter simply because of what I have read about the materials in it and how it is not really good for cats because they lick it off their paws and create health problems...
Any suggestions on what brand is VERY low dust and good to use ???
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sorry I can't find much more info for you.....I understand your reservations abt the clay litter, for me it has to be b/c of my cats refusal of any of the alternatives I have found locally for them..

Worlds Best does have a clumping type, have you considered just mixing a small amount of this with your current more expensive one? it would give it more clump action and thus less waste...just a thought.

or another that I've read abt..is one that Petsmart sells that is corn/pine combo that does clump and reportedly no dust, perfumes ...its called Exquisicat and sells for abt $7 for an 8lb bag....again you could possibly mix the two together to avoid the overuse of materials that create the clumping action.

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"I will not use clumping litter simply because of what I have read about the materials in it and how it is not really good for cats because they lick it off their paws and create health problems..."

I totally agree w/ your statement!!!!  

When I had my cats, I used World's Best Cat Litter because it is corn based and clumps and is totally safe for them to lick from their paws!  It is much much less dusty than the other brands!

Please, reconsider and get this litter in the clumping formula.  You will save money and it will be a lot less work for you than the non clumping litters that you have to continually scrub out the litter box every couple of days.  You and your fur babies will be much happier!  =)
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ZQ or Donna could you post us a link to more info on the dangers of clumping litter, I for one would be interested to read it....thx
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I'm afraid I wont be of much help to you considering I live in Brazil , but...
The granulated for cats I use is one of those argile compost and its not expensive at all.National brand.
For sure we have best ones here, but that one its not bad at all
I already heard someone here talking about problems of silicose or so but living in a place where many cats are still just allowed to go outside to poo/pee or use earth/common sand to  do it I can perfectly ignore those .
With 3 cats, my demand is 4 to 5 packs a month and  I always buy 5 packs together- it doesnt cause thing to be even cheaper but cause the seller send the stuff to my home - great thing considerring I dont have a car!

Btw, we dont have coupons off here  - not even measly ones !
Maybe you could join other cat friends to get your free pack - if you have many and they use that. Ask on facebook - accepting coupons donation :-)
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Now that I read the posts above  I've got the word I had forgotten _ clay litter ( does it called argile as well or I"m mixing both languages?)
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I have used World's best corn litter before.I actually used it for two years till the last two I bought was so dusty that my cats left tracks across the floor and dusty paw prints on the carpeted stairs.
I thought I would buy one more bag and found it to also be dusty so that is when I switched to SWheat it clumps just as well as WB corn litter did.
I think I am going to use less SWheat and more Yesterdays News paper pellet litter for the simple fact I have a cat who has Asthma and can not tolerate dust.I find using the wheat litter and putting some yesterday's news on top works out pretty well but the cost of the wheat litter is OUCH !!
I have researched the web and there are other wheat litters but when you compare prices they are no cheaper.
So perhaps MORE yesterday's news and less SWheat  ..
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Just go to catmom.com and it will give you several interesting articles and information
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Did I mention I have three litter boxes ? This is another reason I probably use alot of litter.
As far as The World's Best Cat litter that someone mentioned I stopped using it due to an amazing amount of dust that I noticed while pouring and seeing the tracking from the cats .
I also was thinking that my one cat Spook might have been allergic to corn because he scratched alot so two reasons for switching over to Wheat litter(instead of clay or clumping ) aside from the fact that I didn't like what I was reading about clumping litters and clay based litters.
Take it for what it's worth, however I read that Clay litter contains Silica which is a known Carcinogen when inhaled. Silica litters when inhaled (humans and animals) can result in chronic lung problems such as Bronchitis, Asthma and lung tumors.
Clumping Litters, they contain Sodium Bentonite which expands to 15 times it's volume and forms an insoluble mass when it contacts liquid. It does the same thing when cats ingest it as they groom themselves after using the litter box.
So, overated ??? I can't say but I am not going to take the chance...
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Hi, here is a good link from a veterinary web site.


Hope this helps.
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thx girls for that info....now everyone can read up on the dangers of clumping clay based litters, wasn't aware of this myself.♥
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Interesting!!! Chick starter feed , unmedicated, crumbles used for cat litter !!
Compares to World's Best Cat Litter ....50LBS should cost around $16.00 at a feed store..They stress to ask for "unmedicated" and "crumbles"..
Made from corn though, plus advised to add some baking soda or to mix a little of your current cat litter in with it because "some" cats may try to eat it!!!
My cats have not tried to eat the wheat litter nor had Spook ever tried to eat World's Best so I don't believe that would be an issue except it is made from corn and I had thought at one time that Spook may be allergic to it but it was never confirmed....
May be worth a try, however they do warn about weevils getting into the opened bag if it is not stored properly...
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To see if I can help fix my potty problems I am dumping and replacing all my litter.  I was going to go with the Tidy Cats that I was using before I decided to try the Petco loose stuff.  Should I try some of the different types in different boxes?  I have 4 boxes.  Also, what should I use to clean the boxes?  I know there are some things that I shouldn't use but am not sure what they are.
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from what I've read alli, its best to mix the 'new' litter into the 'old' by adding a bit more every few days. I'm doing the same here, picked up some Worlds Best corn litter and last night I added a few cups to the old clay litter...so I've got a mix of about 20% new to 80% old...

to clean the boxes just use a solution of water and vinegar...than rinse really well, I only clean one box at a time...so the cleaned box can dry and air out before I refill it again.
whatever you do don't use bleach or ammonia or anything harsh
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Swheat costs $27.99 for a 50 lb bag, World's best $38.99 for a 34 lb bag.

SWheat is cheaper and in my opinion, a lot less dustier than the last three bags of WB cat litter that I bought over a year ago before I decided to switch.

Perhaps I got a bad batch, who knows....
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haven't noticed the dust so far, but than I've only got a 20% mix right now not 100%.
I would love to try the SWheat, so far NOT available in the small city I live in and shipping is out of the question, have to go with whats available.
but Swheat does appear to be the best choice -)
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