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Cat lungs

i have a female kitten and she doesn't have a normal meow like other cats i was just wondering if there was some genetic abnormality or something deadly and serious going on?
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Please be more descriptive about her meow and any thing else you might have noticed.  Thanks!
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It's more of a squeak than a meow when she tries to meow she squeaks almost painful to me.ow like she's weak
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I think it's normal for our kitties to have different "voices".  Hey, all of our voices are different, too.  =D  I've had cats that don't meow at all-they did a silent meow (the mouth moves but no sound comes out), and I've seen some that just chirp.  I think it's cute!  I wouldn't worry too much about your cat, unless you see some physical symptoms-difficulty swallowing, coughing, or choking.  If you don't see any symptoms, then your kitty is just normal.  Honestly, nothing to worry about!!  =)
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Also she's not growing as fast and developing as fast as she should that makes me even more concerned that theres some serious developemental problem going on with her what do u think? Im trying to take care of her the best that i can im just getting more and more frustrated is to what is going on with her ive been told shes too small and too young to get vacinated i just hope the information im being given is correct if anyone has any solutions let me know.
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I'm sorry Deanna.  I don't really know, I asked for more info, because I knew anybody would need more info to get an idea of what is going on.  Have you been to the vet recently?  That is the best way to know for sure.
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How old is your kitten? You say she's not old enough for vaccinations yet but I believe they do them monthly the first few months like they do dogs. I could be wrong but I thought so.

Also, I have a cat who has a squeaky type meow too. I think it's cute. ;)
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Does she vocalize infrequently? If so, it isn't unusual. Some cats only vocalize when excited which causes them to tense up and let out "squeaks".  
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i havent taken her to the vet because i dont think shes old enough and big enough to go and get vacinated and see the vet or at least thats what everyone keeps telling me to me she should go every month since shes been born.
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why is chocolate dangerous for cats?
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what do i do if my kitten is teething?
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I think if you are concerned about your cat, it doesn't matter how young they are you should take them to a vet and the vet could answer your other questions as well.  A visit to the vet certainly won't hurt your pet
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my cat is being tortured by squirrels from outside while shes inside what can i do to get rid of the squirrels to get them to stop torturing my cat?
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Hi, Deanna,  I assume this is the same kitty that you wrote about last summer with the squeaky meeow.  She must be almost grown by now.  It sounds like the squirrels are taunting her.  Bad Squirrels :(   Do you have a dog?  Just kidding :).  Maybe for awhile you could cover your window or don't allow her access to the window (s) for awhile to break the pattern.  Give her her toys to keep her occupied.  When she goes outside does she interact with them?  She's had all her vaccinations, right?  As far as getting rid of the squirrels, do you live in the city?  There may be something animal control can do to encourage them to go elsewhere. Sounds like they are really encroaching on your and your cat's space. Maybe you could cage-trap them and then release them somewhere else.  Just be careful because squirrels can carry rabies.
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