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Cat not eating & playing?

For the last 2 day's our cat all of a sudden stopped eating,drinking and playing & just an hour ago sipped a little water, but lies down all day and has no interest in anything, but when I pet her she lightly purrs. Why do they have this behaviour all of a sudden. she goes out at night mostly but lately because of the cold wheather she stay's inside mostly. I would need some answer's before I go see the VET $$. Thank you!!
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Sudden change in behavior like that is a sign kitty is sick and needs to be seen by the vet.  If she does not eat for more than a few days, her body will start cannibalizing itself and her liver will be badly affected.
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Hello there,

I agree with Piparskeggr's comments. A sudden change in behavior is a sign that your cat is sick. The fact that your cat has not eaten in 2 days is not good.  There are a number of reasons why a cat might purr. I found out recently that sometimes cats purr to make themselves feel better when they are sick. You need to take your cat to a vet asap . I don't want to alarm you but organs could start to shut down after two days of no food and minimal amounts of water. This is serious. Your cat needs urgent medical care.  Do not delay. Let your vet tell you what is wrong with your cat. Also, I hear that you let your cat outside sometimes. Cats are so much safer inside especially in the winter.  I wish you and kitty well.  Eve  ( one of Sammy the cat's care takers )
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