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Cat not eating and losing weight!!

Hi there. I'm very concerned about my cat. He is about 6 years old and has always been a little bit overweight (nothing seriously major). In the past few weeks we have noticed that he has lost a lot of weight and doesn't want to eat his food. We have tried giving him wet food, changing his food, and even giving him tuna. He doesn't even want to eat his treats that he has always loved. Also he doesn't want to drink the water we give him. He only wants to drink out of the sink, or if we leave some water in a cup out. His dish is clean and we even bought him a new one but he still doesn't want to drink out of it. He has always been a happy, healthy, and extremely affectionate cat and only goes outdoors to sit on our balcony (never wanders or goes prowling). There haven't been any major changes recently. 15 months ago we had our first baby but he adjusted well and only recently started losing weight. I know these symptoms could mean numerous things, but what are the most common reasons for something like this?
He is still his affectionate self, and does everything else pretty normal. No throwing up, bleeding, or anything like that.
Please help we are so scared.
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absolutely visit the vet it the kitters keeps doing it. is your cat "bound up" because it sounds a bit like collic. collic is something that happens when they can't pass feces. they can no longer eat because they can't get rid of what they did eat! try getting the kitty to play and run around a bit. movement helps with collic.
also the weather has recently changed and that can cause a cat to diet! they just think it's too hot like we do. you eat less on a hot day than you do on a cool day. try cooling the cat off. and maybe the water just tastes funny to kitty when it's in the bowl. i've known that to happen. try botteled, or try putting ice cubes in the water sometimes they just want it colder and fresher.
has the food changed? is there somethng that the cat really likes to eat? my big guy loves crab legs when ever i have them at home he wants a plate of them all to himself, and i indulge him on that. it's quite funny really. he sits at the table in another chair and stairs at me and whines untill i get up an get him a plate. he doesn't want a plate on the floor tho. oh no. he wants to sit in that chair and eat at the table like me. it's one of the funniest things anyone ever sees. what i was getting at is that you migh want to try giving him his favorite food and only that so that he will eat it. that combined with some motion will help at least.
perviously mentioned was cats milk. if you can't find that then get some lactaid. it works in place. it's a lactose problem that cats have. some do better than others tho. and if you don't already have one a feeding syringe is a must. but getting kitty to move around will be a great help.
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Is her toilet still normal or is that changed as well?

It could be thyroid as Katie suggested, or a colon issue.

It could be a dental/mouth issue. Cat's can suffer from dental issues and six is a common age for it.

I'd suggest a vet visit if it continues on much longer.
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hi. maybe he got a thyroid trouble, which can make them lose weight. I would get him checked out with the vet..
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