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Cat obsessive licking after illness

Hello! My cat has been suffering from feline ulcerative dermatitis that has been triggered by a rabbies shot in a wrong place combined with two other shots. After months of unsuccessful treatment, she underwent a skin removal surgery and was put on an hypoallergenic diet. I was told that it can come back and I guess there's a small piece of the infected skin left (or just the habit) because after some time she tried to try and scratch herself again. I've decided to make small sweaters for her in order to keep the place protected and indeed it helps. Although for some reason at least once in two days she will obsessively lick the front of the sweater (not the itchy place) despite almost not scratching at all. As soon as I put my hand on the sweater where she licks - she stops and goes to sleep.I understand that it's a self-soothing mechanism, but can I make it easier for her? I mean she's obviously stressed, and I don't know how to help. Thank you in advance!
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Hi KsuK,

Well I sure hope you have a new vet. Any vet that gives a rabies shot with vaccination shots should be SHOT himself.

This is just so harmful to our kits. Talk about overkill.

Anyway--yes your poor baby is stressed and this licking had become a soothing habit. Hopefully it will settle down to a stop. You might want to try baby t-shirts as a covering , less coarse.

My cat has FSH or Twitch Skin Syndrome-Neurological. It is a mild case but when she starts licking excessively I have to distract her , then she will always stop

Please keep us posted on your kits progress. I am wishing you both all the best in the up-coming months.


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