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Cat scratches bald patches in his skin, what do I do?

Lately my kitten has been scracthing a lot around her neck and ears. He has scratched the fur out in some areas where the hair is now missing. This was noticed a few days after applying flea medication on him. Could this have irritated his neck? Then my cat scratched a big "hole" on his neck where the application was applied. The vet gave him a steriod shot and some oral antibiotics to help with infection, they said it could be allergies and for me to change the food. I was feeding him Wellness, different flavors, but now only Wellness kitten formula (my cat is 4 months old). He has stopped scratching and his hair started to grow back. I am not sure if it was the shot, the food change or the antibiotics that helped.

Now my cat has recently scratched a big patch of fur off of his ear. It didnt bleed, but its very red and irritated. When taken to the vet, he was given a topical cream, but no diagnosis. They tested for ear mites and yeast in his ears but results came back negative.  Since then he still scatched and more hair is missing from behind his ear.

Is there anything I can do to stop him from scratching when I am not around. He is the cutest cat , but is becoming very unattractive because of all the missing patches. ANy recommendations? I feel so bad that he scratches and has to be scolded when caught scratching.
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oh please DO NOT SCOLD the poor little guy, this is something he cannot help, no more than you can when you have an itch.
It could well be a reaction to the flea treatment, remember this is a pesticide thats used in these treatments and its harsh.

Did he actually have fleas that you saw before you applied the flea medication?
If there were fleas he could well have flea bite dermatitis.

I will send you another similar post, read the links that are provided there than return and tell us what you think....I hope we can give you some help.
I would be very reluctant to redo any steroid shots, this can lead to diabetes and many other health problems, lets try to solve this some other way ....


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when he scratches in my presence I  tell him "no", he immediately stops. Id rather try to stop him when I am able to, then to let him scratch his hair out and have open sores.I have never seen an actual flea on him, I took him to the vet as soon as I adopted him and was told there was flea dirt present. For the past 3 months I have been treating my enviornment.

I thought it was the medication, but when I metioned this to my vet she said it was highly unlikely. I still think the flea medication has somthing to do with it because of the location of the medication.

I found these "fake nails" to put on kittens, to prevent scratching. Do you think this would be a good idea to put these on his back nails?
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yes the fake nails are a good choice to try, they do need to be replaced every month or so b/c kitty's own nails grow and these will fall off....

kitty does NOT have to have fleas on her. IF SHE WAS EVER BIT BY A FLEA SHE COULD HAVE FLEA BITE DERMATITIS .....or an allergy to fleas.

but yes she could also have an allergy to an ingredient in the flea treatment....

telling him NO, will only stop the action when you are around,its NOT solving the problem is it, and if kitty starts to become STRESSED out in your presence that will only make the problem worse.....he can't help himself, this itch is making him very uncomfortable.

Are you able to get some Omega3 fatty acids? you can buy these at a vitamin/herb supply store(human) they will help his skin condition alot.....
-there are several brands that are safe for cats....MUST NOT HAVE SOY
-Carlson Labs, Nordic Naturals, and Vital Choice.

I am sending you 2 documents. on this first one read page 5. where indeed it list 'severe skin reactions' including chemical BURNS after use and they recommend not to come into contact with the skin and suggest bathing...use only a gentle baby shampoo if you do this.



alot of holistic cat people have had good success using this product, its a light that 'attracts fleas and than they drown' its a safer alternative to rid the house of fleas.


I hope this helps the poor little girl, poor baby it must be terribly irritating.♥
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HERES SOMEMORE READING, this ones about FLEA ALLERGIES and has some good photos

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Hi Opus

Thank you for the links. I think i may purchase that "flea light" just to see if fleas are present in my home. Although, when I looked at the reactions from flea bites on that last site you posted, my cats areas do not look like any of those pictures, I checked his skin and there is no bite marks that I can see. So I do not think what he has could be a reaction from a flea bite (I may be totally wrong).

I have been using a flea and tick spray every two weeks and vaccuming all furniture carpeting and bedding once a week.

This weekend I will go look for the omega 3. Today actually he was just neutured so I dont think I will give anything to him until about two weeks from now. He is in a E-collar so for the next 7-10 days he wont be able to scratch his neck or ears. I will keep applying the topical medication and his hair should start growing back.

I will continue to only feed him (his name is Blu) Wellness kitten formula (wet) and the Wellness kitten dry food, just to see if it was the variety of Wellness that was causing the reaction. I am also thinking of changing his cat litter to one without sent and dust like World's best brand, just in case the dust is effecting him. But if it was the dust, why is he scratching only around his neck and ears?

I will keep you posted. Thanks again!
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My cat Soote has scratch a red raw circle at the back of her neck.
she is an indoor cat, only time going outside when we go out the back.
she has no fleas, can mosquitos cause her to do this amount of scratching?
she has been hidden for the last week, only recently coming out to socialize with us.
is there herbal remedies that we can use that will protect Soote?
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sorry I missed your question, its at the end of an older post rather than you started a new one when you have a new question therefore they sometimes get missed
this I am quite sure is whats known as eosinophilic granuloma complex. it is caused by an allergic reaction to one of three things. flea bite, food or something in the environment.

can you tell us what you feed your kitty?
were there any recent changes in the household such as scents...laundry detergents anything
new furniture or rugs?..
new cleaning supplies
Have you used a flea and tick repellent of her? a collar of any sort?
I will include a photo of my cat Sami who had this EGC (eosinophililc granuloma complex) after many tests and Vet visits it was traced to be an allergy to his food....specifically chicken &/or some ingredient in dry food, even now he will have a small breakout if fed dry food for a few days.
this is his pic see if it looks similar to what your girl has

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Sorry new to this site
12898032 tn?1427706548

Soote is a indoor cat who lives in the upstairs flat. She has whiskeys dry food (indoor), tin whiskeys.
I used to feed her red meat but then she would bring it back up all over the floor.
She has fresh water available at all times.

I do have flea treatment available,  but seeing she is a indoor cat, soote doesn't get fleas.
I do occasionally was soote in the shower with me, when she starts looking agitated. But now we are heading into our winter it makes it harder to wash Soote.
I have tried giving soote different kinds of raw meat, but she just snubs her nose at them all.

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Yes she does get those above her eyes but also gets a bad one at back of neck.
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your going to have to change the food brand entirely.....and I would also strongly suggest it be all canned food NO dry, the dry foods are so full of additives and chemicals plus preservatives that kitty has likely developed an allergy or intolerance to one or more ingredient,

you will also need to find a new brand of canned food. could also be a similar ingredient in that and allergies and intolerance's can build up over time even if hes been eating the same food for a long time

so change the brand of food and stop with the dry....should see amazing results in a week or two...

this EGC is most ALWAYS caused by the diet...keep us posted
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It looks like I will have to make home made food for her.
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Well that would be good if that's what u decide, I make a homemade diet for one of my cats b/c he refuses all commercial foods, so I can help u with recipes and supplements

Have u tried a different brand of commercial canned food?
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Hello, Opus88, I think you've just explained the reason for the problem with my cat, Osiris. 1st week of March, I noticed Osiris had scratched a round patch of skin, on his right neck below his jaw, until it was raw and bloody. Vet thought dental problems were the cause, so I spent the $700+ for dental procedures on March 20. (I think he really did need the dental work anyway.) Although the neck was almost healed by then, I was glad the dental work included antibiotics, plus I continued using the Bactine spray that seemed to sooth the itch. Neck has been clear for about 3 weeks. Today I noticed him scratching the spot again. On closer examination, I saw he is beginning to scratch same spot raw again. After reading your reply to Soote, I realize this problem began when PetSmart was out of the "Cubed" version of the Wellness Chicken Entree I normally buy, so I'd bought a case of the "Minced" version of Wellness Chicken Entree instead. Next visit to Petsmart, I was able to get "Cubed" version again. That might be the real reason his neck healed. Last week, I bought a case of "Cubed" version but I also grabbed a few loose cans of the "Sliced" version of the Wellness Chicken Entree. This past week, I've been feeding the "Sliced" for breakfast and occasionally for lunch. I will return to feeding only the
"Cubed" version to see whether this problem clears up. I'm so glad I saw this post. Funny how easy it is to miss something that should be sort of obvious...
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