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Cat stressed by kitten

We got a 4 year old female cat about 3 months ago from a shelter. She was with a lot of other cats all playing together and took a couple weeks to come out of her shell with us. She loves to play and has the energy of a kitten. At night she had started to walk around meowing looking for someone to play with and doesn't like to be alone so we decided to get another cat. we fell in love with a 2 month old male kitten who wants to play and chase Callie (the adult cat) but Callie doesn't want anything to do with him. We tried secluding the kitten but my boyfriend let him run out soon after. Callie has been hiding, or staying back obviously jealous and feeling left out. She doesn't want to be pet, or played with much and will go up to the kitten and give one big swat, or hiss. What can I do to help Callie feel more comfortable?
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Callie is just feeling abit ticked off wth the new addition right now and he is perhaps a little over active for her, as long as she isn't attacking the kitten than just leave well enough alone an allow them to set their own 'pecking order' they will get used to one another shortly an the kitten will learn his manners.......however be watchful that Callie doesn't attack an hurt him (I doubt she will) if so they will need additional separation time......patience, it will come:)
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One thing that helped with introducing new cats into my household, confine existing cat to one part of the house and new cat to another, switch them around after a week or so, this will help them get familiar with each other's scent.  Also, spend a little extra time with Callie.
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Pip and Opus gave you great advice.  I agree with both of them 100%.  If you do as they say, both kitties will be happy and being the best of buddies in no time!!  =)
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things are starting to get better, Callie isnt lashing out as often, but when she does it starts to get bad. Callie has also started cuddling with me again and playing a little. Any advice for getting the kitten to calm down or sleep more at night?
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