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Cat throwing up amoxicillin

My cat had an abscess on his back - which I have enough experience with to treat myself. I have owned cats for 30 years. I have been able to clear and heal the wound and have been dosing him with amoxicillin. He seems to have an allergy to this antibiotic as I have discovered hes been throwing up in the basement. This is the usual drug I use to treat abscess-type infections and I want to make sure the interior infection clears up. Is there a good alternative to amoxicillin for this type of infection?
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I dont know about an alternative to amoxicillin but maybe you could give your cat a gastric protector previously to that.
One of my cats had the same problem once with sulpha _ now I not only avoid liquid medicine but also got the vet to agree in me using those pills about half hour before.
Here in my country we use one for humanes,( OMEPRAZOL)its not expensive  but you better ask a vet for the right dosage
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Be careful, however.If you think the cat is really allergic to the thing and he's showing another signs or throwing up many times , please contact a doctor
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