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Cat vomiting large amounts of liquid

Hello, I have a birman cat, he is slightly over 1 year old.

Recently (about a week) he has been vomiting almost on a daily basis, mostly undigested food. On thursday he threw up a brownish watery transparent liquid with some hair (not a hairball). Friday and saturday were vomit-fee. But today he threw up large amount of the liquid with no sign of food - circa 5 hours ago. Then again an hour ago large amount of the liquid. Afterwards he drank fair amount of water, but didnt want to eat anything.

He has normal stool and is urinating regularly. I give him a hairball remedy every second or third day. He was neutered 3 moths ago, with no complications and is strictly indoor cat.

Should I be concerned, or visit a vet?
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I'd take him in.  It does sound like he is dealing with some kind of blockage, and it is not good for him to vomit this much.  If he were a baby, I would be thinking of giving him some Pedialyte, since the body's electrolytes get imbalanced with that much vomiting.  You might try some beef broth for the same reason.  But take him in; they might want to do an X-ray to see if he has swallowed a toy or something like that.
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Thanks for the answer, I will t ake him to vet tomorrow. Now he is a bit lethargic, I gave him some wet food, but he only licked the liquid and didnt eat any of the solid part.
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When you give him the broth, give it only a teaspoonful every 15 minutes.  He might be able to keep it down that way.
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Hi Rip,

May I add ,Baby Birman, may be VERY dehydrated to the point of needing IV to replace fluids. He needs to see the Vet ASAP.

No wonder he is now Lethargic.  He is just plain worn out from all the action. Try and get him to drink water until you see the vet.

Good Luck and keep us posted, K?

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So I went to the Vet yesterday night and then again for check-up today, they gave him infusion, and some meds to calm his stomach. Hes eting soft food, and will be on diet for few days If everything is ok we dont need to go to vet again. It was possibly caused by some stomach irritation, or worm infestation, so he will get a pill for that after few days.
If the conditions persists we will go back again for x-ray, to check if there is some foreign object in his stomach.

Thanks all for help. =)
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Thanks for letting us know what the vet said. Hope the little darling is all better in a few days!!
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