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Cat vomiting

My 2 year old female long haired munchkin, Lily, has not been eating on her own or going to the bathroom at all. She throws up after syringe feeding her with soft mushy foods. I took her to the vet last night and they gave her some antibiotics and a fluid shot because she is so dehydrated. Today will make it a week she has been sick. I couldn't afford to pay the vet to keep her overnight with an IV. I left her with my mother in law today who use to work for a vet many years ago. She plans on giving Lily some mineral oil to try to help her pass the stool that is in her intestines. The vet wanted to get her hydrated and go straight in for surgery. Makes me feel uneasy that they automatically thought surgery was the only option. Does anyone have any recommendations for medicines to give a cat to pass stool? Lily did weight a little bit over 5 lbs before getting sick, now she is 3.6 lbs. I'm so worried and I can't afford a huge bill, plus I didn't get approved for the care credit. Any suggestions would be great. I'm pretty sure she didn't eat a string or get into poison. She hacked up a big hairball the day before she got sick so I'm really thinking she has a hairball problem, she is a long haired cat and so is her father Poe. They bath each other all the time. Please help. Thank you.
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How is Lily doing today?? Please keep us posted.

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sorry this has to be quick.....please DO NOT ever feed a cat mineral oil...you can put a small dab in their wet food (very small) so they can eat it on their own but NEVER give it to them via dropper or any other way...they can aspirate this into their lungs very easily and get pneumonia.
CML gave you some good advice. if there is a suspected blockage you cannot give mineral oil or other hairball products this is an emergency.....sending prayers for your baby.
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Hi Sylvia,

I know how difficult it can be for us to obtain vet care. It is very expensive.....but I believe this is where your baby belongs... She needs IV fluids for the dehydration of vomiting. Also fluids are needed for her to move her stools.

Sounds to me like she may need at least an xray to see if there is a blockage in her intestines----This is very serious and urgent that you let the Vet do what he needs to do . Vomiting everything she eats was what caused my cat to have exploratory surgery to see if there was a blockage---thank God there wasn't but she was a very sick little girl.. Your baby is suffering and she needs emergency care---you can work out a payment plan once your baby is out of the woods

Please get back to us and let us know what emergency says.
Please do not wait

Sincerelt wishing you both well,
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