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Cat will only eat liquid

I have a 14 year old male DSH who has, until recently, been fairly healthy.  The cat has early signs of kidney disease, elevated thyroid and high blood pressure.  For the past 2 weeks, the cat has been not eating enough and is only interested in eating liquids (gravy from canned food, pureed cat food).  Last week, the vet did x-rays and blood work and said while the liver is a little large, nothing jumps out as the cause.  The cat has lots of mucous in his mouth.  The cat is scheduled for an abdominal ultra-sound later this week and I was told by the vet that she thinks it might be cancer.  The cat is losing weight (used to weigh 12 pounds, down to less than 9.5 now).  No vomitting, diarrhea, etc.  And is peeing and pooping regularly.  I am just terribly worried that as we wait for each test (it wook a week before we could get the ultrasound) that we're missing something.  I have no qualms about the veterinary care I've recieved, but I would appreciate any suggestions.
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I agree with Savas... a thorough check of the mouth/teeth/oral cavity would be in order.  If something is painful there,, it would explain the not wanting to "chew" and only have the liquids.  And, either she is dropping weight because of the decrease in food, or there is something else going on. I am just suspicious of something oral because of his reluctance to chew and also the mucus in his mouth.
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Oh, if kitty keeps dropping weight, consider force feeding orally with a milk supplement form the pet store. Ask you're vet to confirm if this is an okay approach to the weight issue, as serious weight loss can cause other problems.
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I'd consider having your vet check the facial/oral region as well. It's possible kitty is suffering from pain due to a bad tooth, or some other oral issue. There's also the possibility kitty has lost her sense of smell/taste (temporary or otherwise) due to whatever is ailing kitty. A cat who can't smell things usually won't eat, at the most it will lap at the gravy, as you mention.
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