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Cat with nose bleeds

Can nose bleeds in a cat be common in the winter?  Ours just started today, shes on high blood pressure pills and I don't know if that might be causing it, I'm going to call the vet tomorrow.  I looked up the side effects, and nose bleeds isn't a side effect.  
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no nose bleeds in cats aren't common at anytime of the year. I'm glad you are gettin her in for a Vet check today, could be a sign of very high blood pressure or a polyp in the nose. good luck and let us know how it goes
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I agree with Opus, nose bleeds are definitely not common in cats. I'm very concerned for your cat and am glad you're calling the vet. She may need to be on an additional BP med. I had a cat that needed 2 meds.

Please keep us posted.
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Just checking in to see if there is any news? I'll also weigh in with my 2 cents that nosebleeds aren't common in cats in my experience with them. Good luck with her! Hope she's ok ~xo, Jane
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.This is just an update on my original question about nose bleeds in a cat.  I didn't take Ruby  right away, decided to see if it happened again.  I didn't think it did, but found blood drops on the wall twice since then.  She had a scheduled appointment today to check her blood pressure, so I questioned the vet.  He rechecked her blood pressure, and it was still a little elevated, even though shes on meds.  He checked her nose and found nothing, and at this time doesn't want to readjust her meds. He doesn't think the blood came from her. There is a chance its one of my other cats, who constantly has nasal problems that can't seemed to be helped, but the blood was always on the walls where Ruby sits, so I don't think so.  So, I'm no further ahead than last month.  I guess I'll just have to keep an eye on both cats and see what happens
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Thx for updating us. How old are all yr kitties? Just curious, my one himmie Bailey would sneeze blood, just occasionally at first, she was 15 our Vet here couldn't find a reason why. I finally took her to see a specialist at a nearby Vet teaching hospital and they found a polyp deep in her naval cavity that turned out to be cancer. Because of the location they couldn't do anything for her. The bleeding got worse and she stopped eating because she lost her sense of smell, I had to put her to sleep a few months after diagnosis. I would strongly recommend further investigation of this, you may need to isolate each one of yr kitties to see which one is having the blood. Good luck, keep us posted
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I have 7 cats, the youngest is 8, 2 of them nobody knows (even the vet) and the rest are over ten.
Ruby is 13, the one I suspect has the problems.  I'm going to keep a close eye on her, and the guy with the sinus problems, I don't know how I could isolate all of them.  Hopefully it won't happen again, but I'm usually not that lucky.  Thanks
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Nose bleed is surely not in common. I have two cats since two years and i have given them proper feed and regular check up by a vet professional and had never face bleeding from nose so  you must immediately concerned with your cat's vet.
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Hi, Linda! Thanks for the update. I think it's a good idea to keep your eye on your kitties. I'd have everyone that lives with you keep an eye out, too. In all my years of having cats(30+ yrs), I've never seen a nose bleed.

Please keep us posted! If you need any help or advice about anything, please don't hesitate to post. We care!!
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I agree, I have had cats all my life, and this is a first for me.  The  vet doesn't think it was Ruby, even though high blood pressure can cause nose bleeds.  The bad part with cats is that they're so clean that its impossible to find any blood on them to know which one it is.
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wow 7 cats!!!! you do have a house FULL...:)

the only way to go abt isolating that many cats is to do one at a time, or if you have 2 separate rooms than you could do 2...but can't imagine having 7 rooms that you could isolate all 7 at once

good luck finding the one with the issue. yes hbp can cause nose bleeds but if ruby is on medication and is monitored than I agree it should not be her...(?)
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well you have to separate them, just to know for sure which cat is having this problem.. And sorry if this sound stupid, but how did you know it’s nose bleed if you only saw on the walls?
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Its actually where a cat has sneezed blood, and there are  droplets on the wall or rug, I call it a nose bleed and probably shouldn't.
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That is what I figured. So it is going to be the cat who is sneezing. I think that should be the one who has the problem.
Chances are this one may have an upper respiratory infection and is sneezing blood tinged mucus--which may mean they have a bacterial infection . This will need some antibiotics.

Keep us posted, K?
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This wasn't blood tinged mucus, it was actual blood droplets.  I do have a cat that has chronic sinus problems that can't seem to get cleared up, ever. He sneezes up mucus everywhere. Its possible its him, even though where the blood was he never goes in that room, that I know of.  That is why I blamed it on Ruby because she is always in that spot. I guess I'll have to take him in for a checkup, which I dread.  He was feral years ago when we got him, and getting him in a carrier is so hard, especially now that he's old I'm afraid he's going to get hurt in the struggle.
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Ask the vet to prescribe an antihistamine or mild tranquilizer before you place him in the carrier. He certainly does not need to be stressed more right now. Then he will be more pliable to transport and for the vet to vheck him out. It will help all 3 of you.

If it is blood with no mucus than , yes, it could be serious . He may have a polyp in his nasal cavity. Blood from a cats orifice is never something to be ignored.

Good luck to you both, and please let us know what the vet finds out. Thanks

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Hi Linda,
Any news on which of the 7 is the nose bleeder?
Please keep us posted, Thanks
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