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Cat with seizures and kidney stones

I have a 2,5 year old female cat that started epileptic generalised seizures 10 months ago. At first they were months apart but now they are more frequent (1-3 per month). We did many tests and the findings were elevated urea and creatinine, elevated calcium and kidney and bladder stones. The vets disagree on her condition, one thinks that the seizures are caused by the kidneys and the other that the kidneys and the seizures are not related. So far she has not started antiepileptic medication. We changed her food to Hill's k/d and her blood tests are much improved. The stones also seem to reduce. However, the seizures insist and I am very worried.
Any ideas or similar cases?
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I am sending you a link to a very comprehensive site on kidney disease, if there is a connection there should be some mention of it on that site...none that I know of.


bladder stones are very painful. does she have the struvite or oxolate stones? perhaps uncontrolled pain could be causing the seizures?
sure hope you find some answers to help this poor little one. ♥
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Hi, after having many cats with kidney disease, I would say that IF the creatinine and BUN are high enough that can cause seizures.  I'm pretty sure there are no seizures in early kidney disease, at least from what I've seen with my own cats in the past.

Has your cat had any other tests?  Was the rest of your cat's blood work normal?  If everything else is normal, you could consider a CT scan of the brain, if it is offered in your country.

Just some thoughts!

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Thank you for your answers. Her blood work at the worst, on July, was at the first stage of kidney disease, now it is almost back to normal. Everything else was ok, too, apart from calcium, which was elevated a little but now is also normal. We have not done an MRI of the brain yet, I plan to take her soon to see if we find anything there.
She might have been in pain because of the kidney stones, she was not in a good mood in the summer, but her behavior now tells me that she is not in pain, she runs and plays and never complains in the toilet. The seizures hit her in her sleep, late at night, and there has been no change in our daily routine to stress her.
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