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Cats can be so entertaining!

I have to admit, as much as Sakura can annoy me (for knocking over any glass that has liquid in it, including vases of flowers, knocking over ANYTHING and losing my things!), she still really makes me laugh!

I've been watching her all evening desperately trying to catch an eluding moth, whom I've concluded is getting great sadistic enjoyment from torturing my cat by flying just out of reach and mocking her for her inability to quite reach that high! How I wish I had a video of some of the scenes as surely they would have made it on America's Funniest Videos! There was one point where she took a flying leap with her paws clasped in midair. (How I wish I could have captured a picture of that!) She almost got him at that point! She landed with a loud "THUD" on my dining room table. I swear the cat is not graceful! I thought all cats were graceful! Well, I guess the moth chasing is good exercise for her, trim her waist down a little maybe and keep her mind sharp. She's been at it for hours, sometimes making that chattering noise at the moth. She wants it so bad! I wonder who will win this game? Only time will tell! Lol

Ah, how our cats entertain us! What would we do without them? :D

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I wonder if i chased moths if my waistline would shrink??!!!!!!!

Snickers loves chasing moths and flies too.  I cant believe how high he can jump!!!  It is funny watching him chase lightning bugs especially when they light up.  He backs away and then out comes his foot to bat it and then it lights up and he backs up some more!!!  Usually the lightning bugs life is spared but for the moth and flies no such luck.  He eats the flies and certain species of moths....the other ones he stashes in his snack bar which i might add i usually find after they have been there for awhile.      
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Sometimes my cat takes to a whim of running through the apartment and pouncing up at the walls as she is chasing something.  But, when I look, there is nothing there.  No house spider, which she will catch and kill if she sees one, and no small moth.  She is chasing--nothing.  Not even shadows.  Maybe she has a few bats in the belfry.  LOL
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It is very amusing...very funny indeed. My cats do that, and I have to admit none of them are graceful either. They just don't care. I do love it when they chase the lizards that dare enter my residence. They always end up in my cats' stomachs. One eats the head...the other one eats the rest of the animal after long minutes of constant torture. Talking about team work hehehe

Abby started kneading....time to go to bed :)
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In my house that's what's lovingly call a "Cat Fit".  It's the mrow mrow mrow- take off like a bat out of hell.  Slide across the kitchen floor and get the feet "running" again as they hit the wall- then boom boom boom as they hit 3 of the 12 stairs to the basement.  Then race back up through the kitchen and diningroom down the hall to the bedrooms.  Sometimes not able to stop before hitting the door.  :)  What's worse is when there's more than one running around at once or chasing each other.
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It is hilarious to watch him run thru the house like that too....banking off the walls and doors........I just wish he would quit attacking the water dish.  He goes in all 4 feet and water goes everywhere!!!!!!!!
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Ok, I was not laughing at her today! Little snot! Just because we forgot and left my son's half filled cup of milk on the table after his breakfast obviously was a challenge to her to dump it all over the table because she just CANNOT resist knocking cups over! Grrr. It's amazing how far such a small amount of milk can go!
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where do i start with venus? she doesn't do moths. apparently the ordinary cat duties (killing and destroying the evils that get into the house) are beneath her. she has this high and mighty attitude that SHE is in charge. *Sigh* which she is. my favorite thing she does though is her sideways hop which is the starting to her being crazy. when she takes off like a bat out of hell she runs up from 1st floor to 3rd (which is the kids room/playrooms) and all the way back done. up and down knocking over anything and anyone in her way...including mommy. lol.
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Ohh- the sideways hop-  Love that one.  Lucy walks like that.  On her back tip-toes and movin her little butt walking sideways.  Her front paws stay stationary but that little back end goes around.  All while she's meowing.  

I've started taking evening classes and if I'm not home when I'm supposed to be Taz gets upset.  He starts wandering around looking for me, Checks the couch, looks out the window for my car. etc.  Goofball.

They certainly keep me entertained.
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lol the sideways hop is just too funny!! her tail sticks straight up in the air, her head down and she gets SUPER serious. then she rotates back end and front end just too funny.
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I posted pictures of my cat.  I just love how she reaches for her "brush".  If you saw her in action for yourself, you would see how much she is in love with her "brush".  She even drools on the thing!  Ew!  It really is cute and funny!
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Ohhh-  I love that face!  She's a beauty.
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i love the face when she's reaching for it. she looks like "OHHHHH MOMMY!!!! give it too meeeee!!! MMMIIINNNEEEEE!!!!!" lol
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