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Cats drinking habits

My cat seems to br drinking an awful lot of water, i know its hot but this seems a little unusual for him.  Should I worry, he is eating fine and purring etc??
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If I understand correctly, cats do not usually drink a lot of water.  I'd suggest a trip to the vet for a kidney function test.  If there is some impairment, you can help kitty to have more good years.

I err on the cautious side here because our old cat, Calamity Jane, started both drinking more water and losing weight; she was 19.

For the last 2 years of her life we (after our vet showed us how) give her fluids with an IV needle under the skin between her shoulder blade.  Just 50 - 60 ml of "Ringer's Lactate" solution 2 - 3 times a week keep her in good health until a pair of strokes got her at 21 years 4 months.

Another cat, Cerridwen, we didn't notice excess drinking or weight loss, but kidney failure got her within 12 hours of when she did show signs.  She was about 16.

take care - Pip
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drinking lots is 'good' keeps urinary tract crystals from forming, most cats don't drink nearly enough water.
But a check up would be a wise idea too, especially depending on kitties age, excessive drinking can also be a sign of diabetes in people as well as cats....Pip is right best to err on the side of caution.
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While excessive thirst can be indicative of a physical problem, if she shows no other symptoms, there may be no need for concern.  But at least a call to your vet is probably a good idea just to be sure.
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Thanks, I wasn't aware that kitties needed a lot of water besides what they get from "wet" food.

Guess it's good we have 4 waterers around the house. =)
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All my cats drink a lot, since they are quite young,no other symptoms and they always acted this way,vet assumed its all right.
They eat dry food, maybe thats the reason
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just prevents crystals forming when the urine isn't overly concentrated....so for female cats the wet food is lots, males are of course more susceptible.
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