my vet is closed today but my cat wears a hood due to skin allergies and has some how removed the hood and scratched the fur and skin off his face and can not open his eyes! what can i do until his vet is open tomorrow at 8am to make him comfortable and detour his anxiety and labored breathing
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Hi Nutshell,

First thing you must do is Calm down. I can sense the stress in your post and if I can sense anxiety and stress than your dear little baby is feeling that negative energy. Most important for you to talk to him in a soothing reassuring voice, while holding him or sitting next to him. This should help with the breathing.

I am unable to suggest anything that might help the scratches , unless you can put some polysporin antibiotic cream on them to protect from infection. You must keep him from licking this cream.
Do not cover those areas they need air. Before doing ANYTHING, thought, it would be wise to CALL an emergency animal clinic and ask them what they suggest you do until tomorrow. They will know what care is needed.

I would suggest that you  keep him from scratching the sores by making a cone collar and put it on him to keep him away from his face.
You know the collar that makes them look like they have a satellite dish around their head, LOL! Refer to the web to see photos.

That is about all I can suggest. I am hoping with you by his side soothing him, he will calm down. The Emergency Clinic call is a must , just to be sure you are doing what needs to be done until tomorrow.

By the way many emergency Clinic will not charge for the visit, or will set up a payment plan for you. They are not heartless and understand medical costs can be prohibitive. So when you call ask them about this, k?

Please let us know how you make out with your little boy. We worry too!


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CML gave good advice...you can make a comfortable collar out of an old nylon stocking...stuff it with something soft, and secure it around kitties neck..not too tight, but tight enough that she can't slip out of it...much more comfortable than those cones
pet stores also sell 'soft cones' made of fabric...stiff fabric but much softer and more flexible than those plastic cones

need to find the culprit for her allergies....do you know whats causing this?

often its the grain in their diet, do you feed dry food thats full of grains and carbs and preservatives?

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