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Chewing fingernails

My 3 yr male cat " OREO "  will chew his fingernails periodically.
I have anxiety disorder  - does this mean my cat has anxiety also?
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my cat bob  chews his back nails too. he doesn't appear anxious in any fashion-coincidentally, I also have anxiety disorder and will chew my nails unless i have artificial ones on. even then if i'm stressed enough i'll just chew my fingers instead-terribly attractive! i think some cats just bite their nails as maintenance-Bob only does the back ones. my cats are 100% indoor and we don't clip their nails-is Oreo (great name!!) in indoor cat as well and does he only bite the back ones? Do you clip them for him?  I'm not a pro, probably Jade or Opus can address the stress issue better than I-I don't want to give you wrong info and can only go by personal experience.  Good luck to you and Oreo!
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Yes Oreo only chews off the back claws ,  He sometimes with just chew at the front but has never chewed them off.  He is a inside cat only also.              
I have clipped them  for him but he doesn't like it at all.
Yea I have to wear my  artificial nails  and sometimes I still will take off the artifical nails from my anxiety
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This is perfectly normal behavior for a cat so no worries, ladies :)
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whew!!!   :)
it makes an alarming sound when they get going, right?
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