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I know this is a controversial topic and I don't want to start an argument, but I was wondering what everyone thinks about getting their cats declawed. Our local shelter won't let anyone adopt a cat and get it declawed. They even have a disclaimer that gives them the right to sue if you do. I have a small daughter so both of our cats don't have front claws. Even when I trimmed our kitten's claws he would still scratch up our daughter and destroyed our couch. Our landlords' contract also states that if we have cats the front claws have to be gone. I feel bad about giving them the cosmetic surgery, but I would feel worse if they didn't have a good home where they were fed and cleaned regularly. We left the back claws, and my hubby woke up recently when one of our cats landed on his head and scratched it open! They're kinda clumsy babies. So, what do you guys think?
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My cats are declawed, only the front. Some say it is cruel and if you can't train a cat to be gentle with their claws then don't have any; but like you said it is best for them to have a home. There are too many cats in need of good homes.

Gosh I hope this doesn't bring any arguments.
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I don't agree with declawing because it is so painful and limiting for the cats....HOWEVER, I have HAD to declaw 2 of my cats..both for reasons of protection of a very sick older cat  I had in my home at that time.
I talked to my Vet and I agreed with him that it was much better to do this than to have to take a cat back to a shelter, like he told me ..whats the best alternative for the cat??
As long as they remain INDOORS...please everyone never let a declawed kitty outside on their own, they have absolutely no protection from other animals.
Also please never declaw the back, there isn't any good reason to ever consider this, and I know here in Canada Vets won't even consider it.
It is a very controversial subject and like any other decision we need to weigh all the pros and cons and make a decision based on what is right for them and for us too.
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Claws are a functional and essential body part for a cat, so declawing is more than just cosmetic surgery.  It not only affects their physical movement and capabilities, but typically affects behavior as well. Cats with disabilities (and a lack of claws is a disability) tend to behave differently around other animals (even indoors) because of it.  They may be timid, fearful, and anti-social, even though their outward behavior may be defensively aggressive, in order to try to compensate for their disability.  

I've owned dozens of cats and fostered many more.  Not one of them ever destroyed furniture as long as they were shown an acceptable alternative (a scratching post) and none of them ever scratched people except in self defense.    

Cats are really no different from people and dogs.  They need to be trained in acceptable behavior. That requires patience and consistency, whether that is staying off the kitchen counters or not scratching the furniture.    
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Every veterinary EXPERT I've spoken with about this topic says it hardly affects the cat. It doesn't cause them to lose their balance or move any different. If a cat is indoors I'm for declawing. I think it would do more harm for an outdoor cat to be declawed as they would need some line of defense.

There is supposed to be a new surgical method that is supposed to be less painful for recovery but it is very costly as it is a laser surgery.

That being said we have two cats and they both are *not* declawed. However I'm not opposed to getting it done if they were to turn those claws on my children. I'm all for providing a loving, caring home for my pets but they my CHILDREN come first. In the meantime we are teaching them what is acceptable and what is not (we're using a water bottle and special warning noises that we make that sound similar to hissing). I think declawing should be a last resort if you are unable to train your cat(s) to express themselves appropriately.
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Declawing is an amputation that is eqivalent to a human having all of their toes amputated.  There is some very detailed expert information at http://www.pawproject.com/html/faqs.asp
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We are all adults and I think we've all done research on the topic. We've been over this before.

All the vets I've been to are caring and good. And they all agree that declawing doesn't really affect a cat's mental or physical health. I am seeing it in my own cats. Really..it only took them 48 hours to fully recover from surgery. After that they were jumping, playing, eating and loving on their catnip.

I don't go out and advice people to declaw their pets. But MY pets will get declawed...every single one of them.....no matter where I get them from......as long as they are under 6 months in age. I'm with Joy.

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