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I have a 7yr old neutered cat who last year suffered from a urethral block .A trip to the vet and a urine analysis revealed a Ph of 7 and he was put on a urinary dry food diet(Royal,sanabelle,purina) all was fine until last week when the symptoms reappeared.The vet repeated the procedure and according to him he washed out a lot of crystals and a pH of 7 again was found. The vet recomended a ph decreasing paste.
After 3 trips to the vet this week for helping him pee i noticied my cat started to pee in small puddles around the house.
A trip to the vet again and he tells me that my cat is suffering from glomerulonephritis and he recomended an antibiotic for 14 daya and Urinovet for 3 months.Can someone please guide me as to what type of food i need to feed my cat and if i need to use the Ph decreasing paste.

Sorry for the long post and many thanks
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Hi Jareya512,

Firstly let me say how sorry I am that your baby is going thru this, and for that matter, you too.  This is not easy for those of us who love and care for our pets, but you are working closely with your vet and that is excellent.

I would not pretend to know more than your vet, so following his protocol for keeping this condition under some control is my best advice.

Here is an excellent website from the University of Ohio on this subject:

It should give you a better understanding of diet needs. As far as the PH decreasing paste--if it is out there I would certainly try it.
High PH is what gets our cats in trouble. Apparently a low protein diet is most important because it has creates less waste products to be expelled. Low Protein--but the protein that is in the food Must be of the HIGHEST quality. This will help create a better filtering through the glomeruli--microscopic components in the kidney.
There are many causes for Chronic Kidney disease. Has your vet diagnosed the inflammatory cause?
Sometimes it is periodontal disease or hypertension.  I had to look this up on the web and there are some very good sites to allow you to get the answers you may seek.

Please keep us posted--we worry about our family, and you are one of us now. We learn along with you, so please keep posting.

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So sorry for all your poor kitty is enduring, this is such a painful condition.
Vets are knowledgeable in many areas however nutrition is not one of them, do you know they actually get less than a few days devoted to this topic, I once read it's only hours.
And unfortunately they are brainwashed by these multimillion dollar pet food companies into believing their foods are the best, when in fact these foods sold thru clinics are among the worst on the market!!! Extremely high in carbs...some of the highest in the market

To get your kitties PH down below 6.7 where it needs to be the very last thing he should be on is dry food, dry diets are the cause of struvite crystals and high PH...cats notoriously don't drink enough water and these dry foods dehydrate them even further.
To lower the PH find a good CANNED food, preferably with no grains and meat as the first ingredient, switching to wet food saved one of my kitties, his PH has been within normal range for 4 years now.
Don't let your Vet push his crap food on you.
I will send you a link to more on what I am saying as soon as I move from my iPad to my PC....there is an excellent Vet nutritionist who give very valuable info on crystals and blockages....will follow with this link in few minutes.
Good luck, and better health to yr kitty :)
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Dr. Pierson is a leading feline veterinarian and nutritionist...this is her main page where she talks about the dangers of dry food diets you can also click on any of the BLUE highlighted topics in her article and that will give you tons more info...


this link will be a short cut and take right to the page on urinary problems, its all excellent and important info for you


I urge you to read as much as you can and be informed, this will save your kitty...sure did mine. again wishing you my best ♥
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