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Despicable Animal Shelter

As most of you know I have a huge feral colony I manage & I volunteer for an organization that rescues cats, kittens & sometimes dogs. I live in Santa Fe, N.M. where we have an excellent animal shelter. However, in Roswell, N.M. they have a facility whose motto is, kill everything! They wait 5 days & then euthanize. Ugh, this makes me so angry & sick! Anyway, sometimes we are asked to help some kittens by a friend that goes down there every other week. We received a litter of 3 & a litter of 7 along with momma. Momma is so undernourished she can't produce milk (we'll bottle feed the babies & fatten up mom). The litter of 3 are so scraggly & skinny & one of them has a swollen belly (she went to the vet immediately)! They were throwing dry food at the 3 who are not old enough to eat on their own!

My question is, other than speaking with our governor, what can I do to promote some change? They have a vet on staff, but he has to be a QUACK!!! We have a challenge just to take care of the cats here, but I can't just do nothing!!! My heart breaks for all those innocents!!! HELP!!!
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  Calling the Humane Society is an excellent idea.

  Have you tried looking up City. County, and State statutes for Roswell?

  I used to be on the board of a county voluntary Animal Welfare League.  I  learned something about the politics of it.   I urge you not to "shoot from the hip".  For example, the veterinarian assisting at Roswell may or may not be a quack.  Maybe they're trying help as best they can with a bad situation.  And what kind of funding does this shelter receive?  How many trained, paid  employees does it have?  You need facts and proof.  Pictures at different times and days of the week could help your case and give you and your arguments credibility.  If there is a Director of the Roswell shelter try voicing your concerns to them first.  Also you can call the State Attorney General.  Unfortunately there may be a lot of. Research and legwork.  Also never forget there may be troubleshooting investigative news reporting that may be interested in an expose.  .

  That's all I can think of at the moment.  I hope some of it is worthy.

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Thanks Melinda! I needed to get grounded & more logical. I was so blinded by anger yesterday that I couldn't think straight! I had decided last night to go to a news reporter that does this type of investigative reporting. They have more resources than I do. That certainly doesn't mean that I'm going to sit back & sit on my thumbs. I will do as you suggest as well. So, thank you so very much for your words of wisdom.

Many blessings to you,
Sherry ^..^
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Thanks Zodiac, I'll check that out. I don't volunteer at a shelter though. I volunteer for a non-profit organization that is dedicated to the second chance rescue & placement of all kitties that come through our system. We also do Trap & Release (TNR) projects in partnership with our local animal shelter. They will spay/neuter, clip their ear, then we release them back where we trapped them. The shelter does this without charge for feral cats only. It's a fabulous program! That's how I was able to get my colony under control.

I'll check into the humane society on Monday & keep you posted. Thanks again ^..^
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Thanks Opus! It's such a travesty that they're inflicting this neglect & torture on these defenseless babies! By the way, the baby that went to the vet has a severe hernia. She said that she's about 6wks old, (she looks like she's 3wks). I'll post a picture of her on my page, you can tell me what you think.
I already emailed our governor, not sure how long it will take. If I don't hear back from her in a week, I'll send an email daily!

Anyhow, thanks for the well wishes Opus! I'll keep you posted. BTW I've been trying to send you & Jade a note since yesterday, but the site's not allowing it. Have you received any notes from anyone else? Or is it just me?
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That shelter most definitely needs to be closed down!  I would try to contact your local humane society and see what they suggest.  I'm thinking maybe get some volunteers at the shelter that you work at and possibly get a petition signed.

Let us know what the humane society suggests, if you decide to call them.
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OMG....I cried reading this. You have such a huge heart and are truly an angel for doing what you do.
my heart breaks whenever I hear such stories....all those innocent little babies...
I can't help you with any answers Feral, I am in Canada and don't know the US laws...I hope someone else with some knowledge will pipe in, CML? Jade? Pip?
I am so thankful where I live its a NO kill shelter, of course Im not blind I do believe when theres over population euthanasia does take place...and I know how hard this is on the staff when such things are inevitable.

God bless good people like you, I hope and pray for these little ones they will get healthy and one day find homes and the love they deserve.

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