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So, I took Reese in to get his shots and he weighs 14 lbs. The vet says he's on the verge of being obese. :(
She said to cut him back to 1/4 cup of food twice a day. I really don't know if he eats much more than that now. I don't see him eat often. I guess we'll see.
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I have a question....do I feed the 2nd meal in about 8 hrs and then let him go that longer time til the next morning or does it need to be an even 12 hrs apart?
I ordered an automatic feeder . I have terrible anxiety attacks and my anxiety level went sky high at the thought of possibly forgetting a meal cause I am use to it always being down. I just dont know if it should be in eight hours or twelve.
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Girl you've got to chill out! LOL!

Don't worry Reese is not going to know if it's 8 or 12 hours between feedings. For a while I am sure he is going to be looking for that food every minute in between. He is used to grazing.

As long as he gets recommended amount twice a day , I do not think it has to be precisely timed.

........and WOW 14 lbs!!!

Good luck to you and Reese,
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Miss Teia was a very plump 19+ pounds when she first came to us on 2 June 2009.  We changed over her food (slowly) from regular Cat Chow to Fri skies Indoor Formula and then to 1/2 and 1/2 Friskies and Blue Buffalo no grain.

We also got her into eating much more wet food than dry.

She is now a healthy 10#, which our new vet likes.

The kibble feeders are still out all the time, but she eats no more than a cup a week of that now.  She does eat 6 - 12 ounces of wet food every day.

Kitties can withstand a bit of excess body fat better than many other mammals (a friend who is a vet told us that).  However, not helping kitty lose at least a few pounds can lead to complications.  Hildiekatt developed diabetes.  Chesapeake developed congestive heart failure.  These are the 2 girls we lost this year, though Hildie succumbed to lymphoma, after she had gone into remission from the diabetes.
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Sophia Loren, my 6 year old female, weighed in at the vet at 24 pounds.
A small toddler also hopped up on the scale and weighed 24 pounds and that is when denial about her weight dropped.

She hated the Medical Foods from the Vet, so I put her on commercial cans of tuna and gravy, feeding her 2 times a day, usually 8 to 12 hours apart.  She still gets a dry treater 2 times a day between the 12 hour gravy, and she is coming along very well.  

She is now jumping up on higher furniture and chairs and is talking and vocalizing to her sister when she never did before.

It is well worth helping them drop a few pounds, Sophia is my little baby and I would be beside myself it anything happened to her that I myself might have been able to help with.
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Thanks y'all.  :)
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Well, the auto feeder is being returned. Reese was caught red-handed sticking his paw up inside it over and over and over to make food fall down when he wanted....turkey! lol

I guess I will just set an alarm to remind me to feed him til I get use to the routine...I hope it works....super stressed!!
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