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Do you walk your cat?

A friend of mine has a 2 year old cat that walks on a lease. It is a bit to late for mine to learn this, she is 11! I was curious how many other people do this? She said she started putting a harness on him as a kitten and he got used to it. She even takes him to parks! Most cats I know hate leashes and cars. lol
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It actually didn't take very long to get Hunter used to his harness and leash.  He knew it meant he could go outside.  Now he asks me to take him out.  His favorite place to go is the community garden, which is where we first met.  He catches and kills rats and mice--even on his leash.  He's so good at rodent control that all the other gardeners have given him the honor of being our little mascot.  He's very sweet and affectionate with people who stop to say "hello" to him and pet him, although he doesn't always stop for them to do this because his focus is on hunting for rodents when we're out in the garden.  Many of the people in the neighborhood know Hunter and will ask about him when they don't see him with me.  He's a very popular neighborhood cat.  :-)
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Snickers was around 5 or 6 went i put a collar on him.  We started out just a few minutes at a time.  Eventually he knew it meant he got to go outside and would come running!!  He loved the jingle bell on it!  It had a breakaway feature on it so if he took off fast it wouldnt choke him.  We would walk in the backyard and alley.  He thought he was so big and bad, which he was!!!  I miss him so much~ *sniff* *sniff*
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My cat Loreena was being leash trained and she was doing very well.
Then she got pregnant and cats'mama and grandma postponed - maybe forever- this project.
I do have more than 3 leashes - but just 2 hands :-) About Joy and Lucky , they dont stand being apart one of the other and Lucky is too much shy to walk outside home
Loreena still accepts the leash - but we just walk in my backyard /frontyard.Going in the direction she wants, of course ...
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My cat would lie down and insist on being dragged, while chewing on the harness and making like Houdini.  Lucky those whose cats will do this, it must be a HUGE hit at the park!!!
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I highly doubt your 11 year old will take to leash training, however I suppose you *could* try....just keep the receipt for the harness and leash just in case I would advise...lol
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My younger cat, Kitty walks on a leash with a harness but he will only do this for me when I take him to the park. If I take him in the backyard he lays and slaps his tail around. lol
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Ha ha ha.  He's just making his preferences known about where he wants to go.  Hunter prefers the community garden.
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I have seen others train their cats but I personally never have. It is amazing how some learn to walk like dogs though.
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Most of our girls were harness trained.

However, only Queen Victoria and Calamity Jane (the Grey sisters born 11 NOV 1982) really took to it.
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