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Do your pets have a strong intuition?

I remember one time, my sister had been dating this guy. He seemed odd sure, but nothing too out of the ordinary. Our cat for some reason, would hiss at him whenever he came by and even attempted to scratch or bite him sometimes. We could never figure out why and it’s not like Anderson was an unfriendly feline either. Well, we come to find out a couple of months later that the guy had been going on dream tours for singles behind my sister’s back. She broke up with him afterwards. Do your pets have a strong intuition with people you’ve brought home as well?
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Yes, absolutely.  My girl Jade (who passed 4yrs ago) reacted poorly; wanted nothing to do with people who didn't know how to pet a kitty.  While our experiences are different, I absolutely believe this to be true
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My kitty, Akira, who passed away about four years ago, warned me about a neighbor who wasn't acting the way she usually did.  Akira was right, too.
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