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Does my cat need to see a veteranarian

My cat came home with what looks like a bite on his back. As I inspected it, I noted a bad smell and some pus leaked out. The skin has been torn and there are about 3 square centimetres of pink flesh visible. I rinsed it with water, rubbing alcohol, and them more water. Then I applied an antiseptic bandage to it. Does this sound like the sort of wound that will heal on it's own, or should I bring him to a veterinarian? As having my cat treated by a veterinarian would be very expensive, I would only like to take him to see one if it is absolutely required required.
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Thing is this, your cat may be in alot of pain, plus the wounds may NOT heal on their own.  I worked for a vet for 8 years.  Here is what you can try at home: give your cat 1/2 of a low dose aspirin (1/2 of 81 mg).  This will ease his pain for THREE DAYS.  Yes it takes that long for cas to metabolize aspirin, and it doesnt take much to do the job.  NOTE: any dose higher that what i have described could be very harmful, be careful not to do this.  Keep the area clean, and keep kitty in the house.  Watch the wound for signs of festering, if the area feels too hot, if the inner part of his ears become red and hot (means he has a fever), or if he begins to pant.  These are all reasons that kitty should go to the vet.  Keep us updated. - Blu
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NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.....I'm sorry Blu I have to intervene here, I can't believe any Vet would say aspirin is ok at anytime...
PLEASE Eric NEVER give aspirin at any dose to a cat....NOOOOOO.
toxic even at small doses...
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Hi EricHaverpowell,

I just read your initial post. I hear your poor kitty was bitten by another cat
on his back. You also mentioned that there was pus coming out of the
wound this indicates a serious infection. Please take your kitty to a vet
immediately. He may need antibiotics, special cream. Who knows?
That's why you should take him to a vet asap. Eve :)
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your cat has had an abscess probably due to a bite that has got infected. It needs antibiotics urgently.
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