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Dog and cat tragic love story

My dog jack has loved our outdoor cats since we got him. And he is quite the lady's man when it comes to our girl cats. He always has had one special kitty. She was a very pretty feral black cat. They were always together. We live near an old school in the country that is often used for our church Sunday school and Bible studies. Jack loves ppl so he gors to see who ever is there and the little girl cat would follow. Well suddenly we noticed Jakes cat wasn't with him for a few days. My husband found that she had gotten into the school accidentally and died. My husband got her out of the school but didn't bury her. The next day I saw the dead kitty in my back yard and jack was just laying with her. He must have brought her home and the school is about 1/8th of a mile from there. He laid with her almost all day. And was so sad. But there are others following him now. He just hasn't found one that he loves like his poor deceased  friend. Amazing how dogs and cats can love each other
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aww poor kitty who met a very sad ending....and poor Jack who is now grieving, it only goes to prove how much animals also have deep feelings not unlike us humans...hope he will find another pal soon :(
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That is such a good example of how our furry companions have true feelings and a measure of intelligence.

I have a hard time fathoming people who deny that these creatures are truly individual personalities.

Hopefully Jack will find a new special friend, or two.
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