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FIV vs. euthanasia in senior cat

Recently my 14 year old cat tested positive for FIV, during a routine blood test before oral surgery.

The vet thinks it is worth it to do the surgery, but at over $1000.00 it will be a real drain on my finances.  They don't know how much of his recent decline is due to dental problems, and how much is due to FIV.  

My fear is that after the dental is done, he will not feel better and continue to get progressively sicker, and the cost will continue, and eventually he will die having suffered the surgery, and tests, and treatments.  Alternately I'm afraid that if I euthanize him I will be cutting his life short, and will never forgive myself.

I am currently giving him oral anti-biotics by syringe, which we both absolutely hate.  He spends most of his time hiding under the bed afraid that I am coming to get him and wrestle that horrible stuff into his mouth, and twice a day I do.  He doesn't come to sit on my lap, or sleep in my bed with me... he looks at me with fear when I feed him.

Any comments/help would be most appreciated.  I really need support making this decision.

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well this is a decision only you can make I'm sorry to say....it depends all on how attached to kitty you are, what you can afford and what the prognosis is for kitty. what is the life expectancy of a cat if cared for with all the requirements of this disease? are you prepared to do all that is required...and that may mean more medications(?)
Have you been shown how to properly give a medication to a cat? It shouldn't have to be a stressful procedure for you or him, of course if its due to bad taste than kitty will not appreciate it whether you are skilled or not.
Its a hard call and one none of us cat lovers ever want to have to make, most of us here will go to all ends to keep our kitties as long as possible, but there is the cat to consider too, and with their best interest at heart sometimes it just becomes kinder to let go.
best to you both in your decision, please let us know what you decide and also if we can be of any help.
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Well one of mine diagnosied with Feline Leukemia and I did everything I could. Including pulling its teeth and spayed. It will prolong your time with her but I find when the vets see a potivie result liek that they tend to lead u to give up. My cats is like my aunt IM SAVE HER! GLad moeny wasnt my thing only charged me 80 $ to pull the teeth. The rest of the bills costly but I felt I wasnt ready so I did wht I could till I felt to much is enuff.
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Sorry to hear this - it's a very tough spot to be in and at one time or another - we're all going to have to face it with our pets.  One thing about antibiotics - there is a shot form available if it gets to be a big struggle.  Every kitty's different when it comes to meds.  It's approx $20+ or so more than the oral form but very helpful and effective if it's difficult to get the liquid in everyday.  I have to elect the shot with one of mine - the other one's easier.  (He was very sick and perhaps that's why.)  Perhaps with less stress (with the shot form) you'll have time to discuss options with your vet, do some research on life span and FIV, and watch your kitty's progress.  

Good luck and again - sorry this is happening!
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My cat 15 yrs ago was diagnosed with FIV leukemia. I nursed her back to health with colustrum and vitamins which the vet said he didnt think she would make it thru the night. I gave her  colustrum and collodial silver 3-6 times a day in a  eye dropper and made sure that she drank at least 2 bowls of water a day. I read up on it and talked to some people in town and in one week she was better than expected. When I took my cat back to the vet, he was so amazed that he couldnt believe it was the same cat. When she went in to the hospital she was 6 pounds but when she came out she looked like a small kitten. Yes it took me a whole 1/2 year to get her back on her feet again but I didnt use any of the medicines that the vet gave me to get her better. It was the motherly love she got from me. She is   now 16 1/2 yr old now just had her birthday in March of this year.
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good for you!! amazing what some treatments will do for our babies, I'm so glad you found something that worked for her.
can I asked you where you obtained the collodial silver? and what exactly is it?
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From what I know about - not much, its true,colloidal silver is something people used to apply in the new born eyes,in the past, to prevent infections as the ones caused by venereal diseases pre- existents..Its a liquid product and is probabilbly sold in manipulated products drugstore or chemical products store.

Bigk16,I'm really happy for your and your cat success!!! Hope more cat owners can have this happy end!
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