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Feline Arthritis

I am 90% sure that my 14 year old cat has feline arthritis because of his symptoms:

- stiffness when getting up
- limping excessively when walking from a certain paw
- reluctance to jump/run
- always laying down

On top of that, he's had significant weight loss (though he eats like a pig - I have the tipped garbage cans to prove it). The weight loss has only been going on for about a year now, but the limping has been progressing from this small tiny thing to this massive limp that you can clearly see. His bones in the back leg also always crack with each step he takes and he's had difficulties walking up stairs for a few years now.

I was just wondering, besides massages (which he doesn't like because he gets testy when we go near his hind legs, which is where I assume hurts him the most), giving him warmth, and many comfy beds to sleep on, what other home remedies can I give to my cat? We don't have enough money to get veterinary treatment at the moment, but if it's the only thing we can do to lessen his pain, we will go (I mean, this cat is my world; I've had him close to my whole life). But if there is a home remedy we can give to him that would help us in helping him, does anyone have any suggestions?

I googled giving my cat some Baby aspirin or something, but many people suggested against it. Is there any medication or herb, or something of the sort, that could help him?

If there isn't, what should I ask if I bring him to the vet and which drugs are most cost worthy and effetive?

Please help me; I don't like seeing my cat this way.
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Hi Jan and Welcome to the forum.  Without knowing exactly what's wrong with kitty, I hesitate to suggest anything.  When was the last time your cat was examined by a Vet?  There can be so many other things wrong besides arthritis.  Can I safely assume since kitty is in pain, you've NOT been able to check him for any lumps/bumps?  That would be first on the list if you have not.  

If this is, in fact, arthritis, cats can be given Glucosamine/Chondroitan; same as humans but really, I'd find out exactly what you're up against before starting anything new.  Especially with your description of the limp, as well as, the loss of weight.  IMO, your kitty should see a vet ASAP.  
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hi Jann and welcome. I will give you a link to iherb.com where I get all of my kitty supplements from, their prices are great and shipping is very very reasonable.
the one in the link is Natural factors MSM glucosamine/chrondroitin in a capsule, open the capsule and give 1/4 the powder (in food or mixed with water and via syringe)
I would start with perhaps 1/4 of the capsule a.m. another 1/4 p.m.,,,if kitty can tolerate it ok than you can go up to even 1/2 capsule 2x per day.

this Natural Factors product is safe for cats....do NOT substitute.
this one contains NO color/ sweetners/corn/dairy/soy/ wheat nor yeast...so its one of the safe ones..

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sorry I was typing out my reply and didn't see that Jade had commented too....she is absolutely right!!!!!
a proper diagnosis should always be done before starting kitties on anything....glad you did mention that Jade, I should have done so myself.
I also recommend your kitty see a Vet first, the few dollars for an exam is well worth it for kitties sake just incase it is something alot more serious...good luck and keep us posted♥
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Thank you for the help!

He is definitely in pain... That I can clearly tell. I checked him for bumps and lumps as best as I could and I didn't find any. All  I could feel were protruding bones and fur. We're going to be taking him to the vets to get a full check up just to make sure and then we'll do whatever we can to keep him healthy~

Thanks for your help; I'll keep you posted~
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