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Feline Constipation and Other Bowel Issues

I have a male cat of approximately 15 years of age who has been experiencing bowel issues for the past 24 hours.

He is currently constipated and has been passing small amounts of slightly bloody fluid. The fluid he is passing is watery with a light pink color. He passes between a table spoon and a tea spoon per attempted and has made numerous attempts both inside and outside of the litter box.

This is not urine as I cleaned the litterbox last night and I can see three spots where he has urinated and those areas are light yellow in color and distinct from the small pink patches in the litter.

He is passing the fluid less regularly and the color has changed from hot pink to almost clear, but he still has not made a bowel movement of any significance.

He has technically defecated three times. One yesterday was pile a small, hard (but not dry) pellets about the size of vitamin pills. One yesterday was a small mushy mound, about the size of a Mound/Bounty bar. Today was a small, hard, and dry irregular shaped piece of feces (best compared to maybe the shape of a thorn) that he passed about an hour after I got up.

He has also vomited three times in the past 24 hours, although I think this is probably the result of gorging himself since his appetite is not effected in the slightest and he is a heavy eater. Twice occurred yesterday upon onset of symptoms and once occurred approximately an hour. All have occurred after eating, but he has eaten several time before and after without issue.

He became lethargic for a period of about 30 minutes after he vomited and I found that concerning, but he is back to his cheerful friendly self at the time of this writing.

I have feed him several times with wet cat food (specifically selecting cans with a lot of gravy or liquid), I have given him olive oil (which is when he vomited for the second time yesterday), I have given him a feline laxative almost 6 hours ago, and I have almost mixed pumpkin puree into his canned food.

He is slightly overweight, but not obese and outside of a nearly fatal bout of urine crystal about 9 years ago; he has had no other health issues.
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He sounds like he needs to see the vet. An obstruction is  a possibility.
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