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Female spaying.

Hi again everyone. On the topic of male cats humping one of my Bengals is humping all my other cats who are not amused and Louie has had several hard cuffs round the face for his cheek! It seems to happen when my other cats come in from being out all day. I think when my other cats comie in smelling of enticing smells is to much for his senses we have quite a few feral/stray cats in our area and the noise of toms yelling their heads off,...females answering back...then the enevitable mating noises must be to exciting for Louie my vet say that although Louie has been done it does not stop him from having urges.Now I go a step further Louie kept trying to mate my other Bengal Alsa who at first put up with him. A few weeks later Alsa needed her yearly innoculations and I was also concerned about her increased weight and on further inspection her teats were a bit enlarged as well she was also guarding her bed. I did have my suspicions but wanted to know what my vet thought. My vet agreed and thought that Alsa was going through a false pregnancy probably brought on by Louie's actions.(Alsa was no longer putting up with Louie's antics and aggresively told him to go away!)  Now Alsa has been spayed so now we have a nuetered tom going through the motions of mating with a spayed female the result being a false pregnancy! Exceedingly rare but it can happen my vet said. A month down the road all is back to normal.Louie has now tired of humping (I tire him out more with the help of the flying frenzy and da-bird toy!) Alsa seems settled again and now lets anyone sleep in her bed! weird or what!! Just to let you all know my little kitten Izzy-Whizz (who was dumped at 4/5 wks and you guys were amazing with your help and support) is now 101% better and is a proper little trouble maker who rules over all my cats AND dogs!! She is very out going.very cheeky and very stubborn! (She still wont eat ANY wet cat food!) demands attention and still insists on climbing up the curtains and along the curtain pole and yells her head off coz she is stuck! All my other cats adore her and she is allowed every privilege normally associated with being top cat or boss! I can't thank you guys enough as she would not have survived without all your help.
I shall try and up load a few more pics of her. Best wishes to you all  Jax  :)
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wow....sounds like you had a real wild household there for awhile...I'm just so glad everything has now settled down and all are behaving normally...
yes the scents and sounds of ferals and mating cats can do strange things to our indoor babies...one of mine sprays when this goes on in our backyard too...
thank you for all the nice words, we were so happy to help all we could, to have anyone rescue a little one in distress is well deserving of all our admiration and assistance....
that Izzy sounds like quite a little character:) gotta love em eh...
keep us updated and I love the photos...they are all so beautiful:)
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I think the photo you posted of the one cat licking the other is so adorable.
Is the cat who is being licked, Izzy?  She has the most beautiful eyes.
How can anyone dump a little kitten? Your izzy is one lucky kitty.
You have taken such beautiful care of her as well as your other furbabies.
My husband and I take care of one furbaby that we adopted from a
rescue society about two years ago. He's now nine years old and he's
like a big kitten. He feels very much at home now. It's always nice to
chat with another cat admirer. Eve
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What a pretty faced little tortie!

Of the 12 kitties that have been little furry family to me over the years, 3 have been torties.
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What an adorable pic!  Izzy is Gorgeous!  Great job with her, Jax!!  We will continue to work on the wet food issue. :)
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