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Fibro Sarcoma question for my cat

About 5-6 yrs ago, my cat developed a vaccine induced tumor called Fibro Sarcoma.   We had surgery done to remove the tumor and some surrounding areas.  She has been in great shape every since then.  We have not taken her in for any more shots since that, just for an overall checkup.  My cat is a 15 1/2 yr old persian and people have been suggesting that she should get distemperment shots.  I do not want the tumor to recur.  Is a distemperment shot necessary, is any vaccine necessary, or do I continue giving her nothing?

Thank you in advance.
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Who is it that suggested that your kitty needs a feline distemper vaccination?  At her age, as long as she is an indoor-only cat, the chances of her coming into contact with the disease is practically nil, and with her history of injection site fibrosarcoma, I would definitely try to avoid injecting her with any type of vaccine.  Why not have your vet do a blood panel and run titers?  The titers will tell you what her level of immunity is, and chances are very good that the vaccinations she has received already in her lifetime will have provided her with a level of protection that is still sufficient.  If it were me, I would definitely not give her any more vaccinations.  Five to six years is an excellent survival time for fibrosarcoma, don't take any chances.  

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I am a bone cancer survival. I had Fibrosarcoma of my proximal left femur in 1981-82 and yes cats get it too although slightly different. Fibrosarcoma is a soft tissue form of cancer and in people it is very difficult to treat. However, I don't believe that is the case with cats. Perhaps because it presents itself somewhat differently in animals then it does in people. Please follow your Vets instructions to the etreme necesary.
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